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My Back Pain Story

My name is Drew Conroy, and I created “Back Pain Remedies”. I am just one of the 10% of the world’s population who suffers from back pain. I have been plagued by Chronic Back Pain for years and still do to this day. My list of back-related treatments, therapies, and procedures runs long. From topical creams to tens therapy, spinal fusion to nerve ablations and much more. If there is a treatment for back pain, chances are I have tried it. 

My Chronic Back Pain began around 1997 after climbing over a fence. I had fallen and twisted my back. It hurt but did not feel that bad at the time. Slowly the pain progressed with any physical activity. I remember several times when getting out of a car or just standing up from a chair.  I would end up flat on my back. The stabbing shooting pain was too much.  

For years, I use to walk just about every day. I would walk at least one to two miles a day (some times more) at a very fast pace. Walking use to feel good after I was warmed up and I was feeling that “Runners High”. I was still in pain but I did not feel it as much. However, after some time passed when I was done, the back pain would return again. I still kept at it though, thinking I just need to build up the muscle strength in my back. 

As the years went by, I started to feel the pain getting worse. So, I made it a point to walk every other day thinking I was overdoing it. That did not help though. Then I cut down to only twice a week. Finally, I stopped because it was not worth it. From there, I went to using a recumbent bike which is good for strengthening and helping with lower back pain. 

Currently, my intermittent Back Pain Relief comes from nerve ablation procedures, yoga, and pain med’s. Taking pills and having certain nerves in my back cauterized a couple of times of year is not ideal. But I have to say the surgery is no big deal to go through and it does help. I know that is only putting a band-aid on the problem. Having temporary relief, even if it’s only for short periods of time is better than nothing, at least for now. 

The yoga is something I have just started not to long ago. I had stopped using the recumbent bike after a few years because it was doing more harm than good for me. Things change and so does your body. What once use to be helpful for me, you could say it had run its course. I have always enjoyed exercising and I am really enjoying yoga. The worse thing you could ever do if you suffer from back pain is become stagnant. Keeping up your mobility is key. 

When you have chronic or recurring pain, no matter what level it’s at, it wears you down physically and mentally. If you have experienced Back Pain for any extended amount of time, you know what I am talking about. So, my search continues to find a healthier remedy to ease my Back Pain. Ultimately, to find a permanent solution…

Drew Conroy - Back Pain Remedies

Back Pain Remedies

I decided to create Back Pain Remedies as a result of my years of Chronic Back Pain.“Back Pain Remedies”  serves as a resource for anyone with Back Pain, be it chronic or occasional. Through the years I have experienced more than my share of trials and tribulations. There has been a lot of time, money, and energy that was wasted along the way. Even though some if it could not have been avoided, there was some that could have. This is where my experience would have made a difference. That’s if, I could have conversed with someone like myself at the time. I am by no means a doctor. Consulting with a doctor should always be your first step when trying to battle Back Pain. But there is something to be said for “Experience”.

If my Chronic Back Pain experiences can help someone out? Then that’s a wonderful thing!

There is an array of treatments, therapies, and products that are used today for Back Pain. Unfortunately, what works for one person will not always work for the next. This website contains some of the best-curated Information, Services, and Products for Back Pain. My hope is that you will be able to find that remedy and get some sort of relief.

The curated products listed throughout this website are calculated based on a set of specific criteria. Such as;  customer reviews, features, history, price point, and other factors. The purpose for curating the products is to save you TIME and MONEY.

Buying a product or service may not always be the answer. Years ago when I first started having back problems, I was able to use heat and specific back targeted exercises to get some relief. I sill do those exercises today even though I do not get the back pain relief like I use too. Now, I do them for mobility and to stay active.  However, back exercises continue to provide much-needed back pain relief for many people today and may help you as well.

I have provided a free collection of exercises to strengthen your back. Those exercises can elevate your Back Pain but also help prevent future problems by strengthening your back muscles.

Simply, select the image for the exercises you need below. On the following page, I just need your name and email (It will never be shared or sold!) When  your information has been received your exercises will be sent right out to you. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me anytime. I look forward to hearing from you!

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