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Back Brace – My name is Drew Conroy, and I created “Back Pain Remedies”. I am just one (maybe you?) of the 10% of the world’s population who suffers from back pain. I have been plagued by Chronic Back Pain for years and still do to this day. My list of back-related treatments, therapies, and procedures runs long. From topical creams to tens therapy, spinal fusion to nerve ablations and much more. If there is a treatment for back pain, chances are I have tried it. 

There is an array of treatments, therapies, and products that are used today for Back Pain. Unfortunately, what works for one person will not always work for the next. This website contains some of the best-curated Information, Services, and Products for Back Pain. My hope is that you will be able to find that remedy and get some sort of relief.

The curated products listed here are calculated based on a set of specific criteria. Such as; price point, customer reviews, history, and other factors. The purpose is to save you from potentially wasting your time and money.

The Importance of Your Back and How a Back Brace Can Help

Your back is the most important part of your body. Do not get me wrong there are other important parts like your brain and heart. From my experience of years dealing with chronic back pain. When your back is hurting it affects the rest of your body as well. Everything in one way or another is connected to your back. 

Your back contains your spine, which protects your spinal cord. The spine connects your peripheral nervous system which leads to your brain. The brain works as a control center letting other parts of your body communicate. Your rib cage can protect certain organs but it also relies on your spine and other parts of your back, like the muscles and ligaments for support. Your kidneys and lungs rely on your back for protection. 

Your back has many complex parts to it. If anything happens to any part of your back, you can expect some pain as the final result. If not immediate, there is a good chance it will show up in the near future. 

There are several causes that could be behind back pain. Muscle & ligament strain, ruptured or bulging discs, skeletal irregularities like scoliosis, osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, an injury, and more.

A quick fix for back pain can sometimes be remedied with a Back Brace. It’s a safe, low cost, drug-free and surgery-free way to alleviating your back pain. 

Two Main Back Brace Types: Hard & Soft

There are two main types of back braces and those are Soft and Hard. The Hard is also referred to as Rigid. There are many conditions for which a back brace may be used. These two main types also have sub-categories within them. 

Soft braces are generally made with soft fabric that’s breathable allowing for airflow. They will have adjustable Velcro or elastic closures. A soft brace will compress your abdominal region and relieve pressure from your spine. This is possible by supporting the muscles that usually need to hold up the skeletal structure. The soft brace will allow the forward motion of the spine.

Some soft braces are specifically designed for heavy lifting. Then you have others that are for lightweight support. Its something you might wear while working around the house. These braces come in all different sizes and shapes. This will depend on the area the brace is needed. Braces will vary on the design as well. Some will extend from just below the chest to the hips. Then there narrow braces that look like a large belt.

Since soft braces are adjustable, chances are you will not need to be measured for one. Depending on your situation there are times a doctor will want you to be fitted for a customized back brace. 

Some hard/rigid braces are designed specifically for support after an injury or having surgery. I had to wear a brace after two of my back surgeries. Plastic material parts will get placed over the lower back and stomach. Then they are attached with Velcro straps.

Correcting/preventing curvatures of the spine like scoliosis would call for a rigid type of back brace.

The More Common Rigid Type of Back Brace

Boston Brace: The brace provides support from the shoulder to the tailbone in back. Then from below the chest to the pelvis in front. This has to be worn at all times but can be removed for bathing.

Milwaukee Brace: This one is shaped like the Boston brace. However, it has an additional part that is used for supporting the neck area.

Charleston Brace: Specifically designed for people who have scoliosis. The brace is to be worn only while sleeping. What this brace does is it applies a force that “over-corrects” the spine while you are sleeping. This will help the spine to grow straight.

Always consult your doctor first if you are having any back pain. Your doctor may recommend a specific kind of brace. 

Sometimes getting a brace through your doctor might not be an option for you. This could be due to the cost and wither you have insurance or not. Braces from your doctor will be much more expensive if there is no insurance to supplement the cost. 

If you decide you want to get a Back Brace I have listed some Back Braces below. These are the top Back Braces that have been curated based on a set of specific criteria. Such as; price point, customer reviews, features, history, and other factors. The purpose is to save you from potentially wasting your time and money.

Best Back Braces for Relief & Support

Back Brace - Get Back Pain Relief & SupportBack Brace - Get Back Pain Relief & Support

Mueller 255 Lumbar Support Back Brace with Removable Pad

This Mueller Back Brace is unique in that it has a removable second layer that is lined with small sewn-in steel springs. If the first layer of the brace is not providing you enough support, you can add the second layer and attach the removable lumbar pad.  This can help improve your posture when you’re sitting or standing.

The brace comes with an extra-wide design which is eight inches wide. It might feel more like a weightlifting belt but this is one of the reasons why the brace works so well. The brace can be looped around your back, then add as much tension as you want to the front.

It will fit just about any body type. There are two sizes which are Regular & Plus Size. They can fit waist sizes as small as 28 inches to as large as 70 inches. If you are only wearing the first layer of the brace you can easily hide it under a loose-fitting shirt. 

The steel springs do add some extra weight. This may not be an issue if you plan on using this back brace to improve your posture. But if you plan on doing any walking it may slow you down.  Try removing the second layer if this is a problem for you. 

Some people who use this brace have reported that the edges of the Velcro straps sometimes cause chafing. This would most likely have happened if the Velcro straps were exposed to skin. Wearing some type of clothing underneath the back brace should resolve this issue.

Back Brace - Get Back Pain Relief & SupportBack Brace - Get Back Pain Relief & Support

Sparthos Mesh Back Brace

Dealing with chronic back pain can be very frustrating. It can be very overwhelming and detrimental to your quality of life. Believe me, I know! The worst part is that the pain does not get better over time. It can continue for years even after having surgeries, physical rehabilitation, and other devices for back pain. Not all back braces are created to support your back in the same way. You might not experience any relief with one brand but that could be a different story for the next back brace you try. The Spathos Mesh Back Brace works for people more times than not and has a great track record.

The Sparthos belt/brace provides the stability you need so you’re able to perform any of your daily activities without feeling pain and stiffness. It only takes a few minutes after putting on this brace to begin to feel better. From there, you should be able to resume your daily activities. If you have ever tried other back braces on the market, then you know how some of them can limit your mobility. You may not feel the pain like you did before but now you can barely move. 

With the Sparthos Back Brace, their aim is to provide your back with enough support. At the same time, allowing your torso to twist and turn naturally. This is accomplished in part by the dual adjustable compression straps. These straps will give you the ability to loosen the belt/brace if you prefer more mobility. Then you can tighten it if you need more stability. Unlike other belts/braces, this one is super lightweight and will feel like you are wearing nothing at all once you get used to it. It is slim enough to be worn under your clothes without showing.

The lumbar support is removable and can be completely removed. It can be left in or removed depending on your preference. The elasticity of this belt/brace will provide that extra stretch you might need to fit your waist size and also prevent any excess heat from getting built up. These stays have been created for the purpose of providing that additional support without adding too much pressure to your back. Additionally, they prevent the belt/brace from rolling up

This is built with heavy-duty Velcro. Once you fasten the belt and secure it in place, that is where it will stay, and not be going anywhere. You will not have to worry, even if there is not a lot of overlap. Many back braces can become ridiculously hot if you use it for long periods of time. This is especially true if you are doing any physical activity while wearing the belt/brace. That’s why Sparthos designed their belts/braces with breathable fabrics.

Back Brace - Get Back Pain Relief & SupportBack Brace - Get Back Pain Relief & Support

Lower Back Brace by FlexGuard Support

The Lower Back Brace by FlexGuard Support can help you avoid common back issues by providing plenty of support for your back. By pulling your shoulders back, this will train your muscles and spine to follow a more natural position. This brace is a posture corrector that additionally presents a comfortable yet durable design. Flexguard does acknowledge that wearing their back brace alone will not solve your back problems. 

The FlexGuard Back Brace comes with a booklet that contains a variety of exercises to help improve your posture while wearing this brace. Many FlexGuard users have commented through reviews in praise. They say the exercises from the booklet did indeed help them a lot. Bad posture can lead to more serious medical conditions if it is not corrected in time. It can cause nerve damage, thoracic outlet syndrome, scoliosis, and more. Not to mention, a tremendous amount of back pain.

This brace is known to be comfortable to wear and can be easily be put on by yourself. It’s pretty simple, all you need to do is put your arms through. Then adjust the lower back and abdomen section of the brace. It is fully adjustable for making easy adjustments while you are wearing it. The Flexguard Back Brace is compact and can be worn under most clothing without being visible

Back Brace - Get Back Pain Relief & SupportBack Brace - Get Back Pain Relief & Support

You want a back brace that provides lumbar support. Along with that, one that allows you to customize the fit and set the pressure level. This would be based on your pain and activity. You may start your day by playing some basketball then sit and read for a couple of hours. You need a brace that can easily be adjusted depending on your day’s activities.

The BraceUp stabilizing lumbar back brace has a unique curved design. Any bunching and slipping are prevented by the support of silicone straps. The eight stays provide additional support along with the overall durable design. This brace was made for people who lead a highly active life because of its durability.

It’s extremely lightweight, making it easy to wear for several hours at a time. The discreet design makes it easy to hide under clothes if you need too. This brace can help to improve your posture while guiding you to maintain the proper form during exercise or any type of physical activity. When this brace is worn correctly, it is meant to take the pressure off your lower back. At the same time, enhance your posture. Having this type of protection is crucial for exercising if you have a tweaked back or some past injury.

The biggest benefit of wearing this brace is the relief from lower back pain. The design of this brace was developed to instantly relieve back discomfort and pain. It also prevents the back from moving in extreme ways that can cause more injury. It comes with mesh panels for improved breathability. This brace was made to work out in. The mesh panels work to release any excess moisture and heat from the body. Keeping you dry and cool through your workout. The silicone straps are very adjustable and allow you to customize the fit for ultimate support.

The lumbar brace fits snug wrapping around your abdominal area. This supports the lower lumbar area. Its curved design was created to work with you as you move, not against you. It will not prevent you from having a full range of motion. You can get this lumbar brace in a wide variety of sizes that range from small to extra-extra-large.

Back Brace - Get Back Pain Relief & SupportBack Brace - Get Back Pain Relief & Support

ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace CM-102M

This Premium Quality Brace only uses the best materials. That makes this brace one of the most comfortable on the market today. It comes with medium-level support and is ideal for active people. This is the only Back Brace that comes with Easy Grip Handles. ComfyMed stands by this braces durability and washable quality materials. Its craftsmanship make this the most comfortable lower back support brace out on the market today.

It comes with a removable lumbar pad. Will not scratch, slip, roll or bunch, Again, it’s the only back brace available with easy-grip handles. It comes with a 12-month warranty. 

The brace comes in unisex sizes from 26” to 50”. 

For Men:

The measurement around your belly button is usually larger than your belt or pants size. When measuring for a brace always use the widest measurement. 

For Women:

If you measure and are in between sizes and have a pronounced hourglass body shape. Plus, your hips are larger than the measurement around your waist, then go for the larger size

Back Brace - Get Back Pain Relief & SupportBack Brace - Get Back Pain Relief & Support

Back Brace with Ice Packs by Old Bones Therapy - Ice or Heat On The Go

The Old Bones Therapy Back Brace will give you full support and compression. It is designed to conform to your body where you need it the most. If you need a little extra stability or sick of living in pain, the Old Bones Therapy Brace will give you that relief you need.

The creators at Old Bones stand behind their products 100% and will do whatever it takes to make sure you are a happy customer.This type of statement you do not see all the time or if you do it is often not backed up. Old Bones Therapy will back it up. 

This Back Brace includes 2 Gel Packs and the Gel Packs can be used for either ice or heat therapy. The device is FDA approved. It is latex-free and non-toxic. It can only be hand washed then hung to dry. It has dual elastic pull bands and 4 flexible stability stays. Comes with a non-slip silicone lining and internal gel pack pocket.

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