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Back Massager

Back Massager – Back pain is a problem that plagues millions of people around the world and it can make your life a living hell. I know first hand about this as I have been dealing with chronic back pain for a very long time. Through the years I have used a number of treatments, therapies, and procedures. From medicated pain patches to tens therapy, spinal fusion to nerve ablations and much more. If there is a treatment for back pain, chances are I have tried it.

A Back Massager for Dealing with Pain

Fortunately, there are many options available to deal with back pain. They may not fix your back problem but they’re great for giving you some temporary relief. Getting a massage is one way to curb your back pain. However, everyone can not afford to have massages. That is not to say that messages are not worth the money. They are well worth the money, that’s if you can afford to shell out the money. 

There is good news, though. This way is easier and cheaper. Back Massagers are a nice alternative. You only pay once for the back massager and you have unlimited massages from that point on!  The massages you can treat yourself to is literally endless.  

The great thing about getting a back massager of any kind is the portability. You can use it almost anywhere like in your home, your car, even at the movies, etc. You don’t have to make an appointment and spend hours on a massage if you do not want too. It can take as little or as long as you want. You really can have a message virtually anywhere. 

Masseuse vs Back Massager

A lady gets a massage from a a massage therapist.

There is one complaint that you hear sometimes after someone has gone to see a masseuse. The complaint is the masseuse was way too rough on them. Even after telling them it hurt, they did not let up. Well, I have to say from my experience that I have had massages where the masseuse was rough because they were working on some knots in my back. However, anytime I would tell them I was hurting and they always backed off. So, to be honest, I do question some of those people who come out with those types of complaints. 

If you have your own back massager, you won’t have to ever worry about possibly dealing with that. Most massagers have different types of massages to choose from and you can adjust the intensity. Some have the option of adding heat or cold to your massage. 

Massages can be expensive, especially if you get them regularly like once or twice a week. You will definitely get the most health benefits from a massage when you get them regularly. A massage can do wonders like calming your nervous system, improve your blood and lymphatic circulation, and relieve muscle pain. It can work as a great pain management tool for conditions like arthritis, sciatica, muscle spasms, and chronic back pain.  

A back massage from a masseuse will cost you on average about $70. The range across the board can be as low as $40 and up to $150 and sometimes even higher. 

Getting a back massage from a Back massager, on the other hand, costs far less and you’ll be able to use them for years after paying for them just once. You won’t have to worry about fitting the massage payment into your budget each week.

Air Compression Back Stretching Mat

This back massager is the Air Compression Back Stretching Mat.

The HoMedics® Air Compression Back Stretching Mat is really a great product. I like to refer to it as a yoga mat on steroids. This mat has a precision-controlled air-compression system that surpasses the basic stretching. You can easily increase your flexibility as the air chambers inflate and deflate to replicate your favorite yoga stretches. If you do not know any yoga that’s okay. This mat works great if you simply just want to do stretching.

This is the controller got the Air Compression Back Stretching Mat back massager.

You can lie back and let the HoMedics® Air Compression Back Stretching Mat do the stretching for you. There are precision-controlled air compression chambers for maximizing your stretches with very little effort needed. There are 4 preset programs and 3 levels for controlling the intensity of your stretch. It comes with a programmed hand controller, making it easier to get a great experience. This mat can work in any space. It folds up easily and can be stowed away taking up very little space.

I have not used this product but it jumped out at me and looks like it would be fantastic to have. Especially if you travel a lot

Check out the video below to see the mat in action. 

Perfect Touch Masseuse App-Controlled Massage Cushion with Heat

A lady sits on the Perfect Touch Masseuse App-Controlled Massage Cushion back massager. Which sits on over a chairs seat.

The HoMedics® Perfect Touch Masseuse App-Controlled Massage Cushion With Heat is known for delivering a profound, exhilarating complete back massage along with deep-seated neck and shoulder massage. 

It has an easy-to-download mobile app for allowing you to use your cell phone to operate the cushion and for creating your own massage programs. The app gives you total control of the settings on your Perfect Touch right from your cell phone. If you happen to leave your phone in another room but don’t want to impede your massage? Not a problem: There is a corded controller that’s attached to your cushion and is every bit as functional.

The remote for the Perfect Touch Masseuse App-Controlled Massage Cushion back massager and a cell phone are side by side.

You also have the option of using the programmed controller, and that will allow you to choose from 3 different massage zones and spots. It also has a heat feature that can permeate through to your muscle tissues, enhancing your massage. 

The Neck & Shoulder Massager will automatically adjust to fit your height, reverses direction, and gives you the option of a traveling spot massage.

There are Four Relaxing Massage Styles and those are gentle rolling, deep-kneading shiatsu, exhilarating percussion, or a combination of all styles.

It has three massage zones that let you concentrate on your lower or upper back. You also have the option of massaging your entire back. As mentioned above, there is a heat feature for comforting tired muscles in your back, neck, and seat.

Included is an Integrated strapping system that fits most chairs making for a snug fit every time.

The Perfect Touch Massage Cushion features a wide variety of options to make your back, neck and shoulders feel enliven and prodigious. The best part is you will have total control over each one of them.

Create your ideal combination of massage style, seat cushion massage, maybe add a little heat, and any other features to alleviate your body’s troubled areas. Simply use the cell phone app or controller that’s already been programmed. 

Your troubled areas can change from one day to the next. You don’t have to stick with the same approach each time. The cushion makes it really easy to tailor your massage in no time at all. This is due to the “perfect touch” that will react to any of your commands in a split second. 

Perfect Touch Masseuse App-Controlled Massage Cushion Back Massager.

Key Features:

  • Shiatsu deep-kneading provides deep pinpoint accuracy on your pressure points.
  • The Gentle rolling gradually dissolving away your aches and discomfort.
  • Intense percussion aggressively works and strengthens your deep-tissue muscles.
  • The combination of Shiatsu & Percussion demonstrates the best of both massage experiences.    
  • Having 4 different massage styles it allows you to make changes on the fly.

Gentle Touch Gel Deluxe Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Gentle Touch Gel Deluxe Shiatsu Massage Cushion Back Massager.

You can transform any chair into a massage chair with the HoMedics® Gentle Touch Gel Deluxe Shiatsu Massage Cushion that includes heat. The deep-kneading Shiatsu gel nodes will relieve your aching muscles and alleviate tightness, while the air-compression massage gently squeezes out the tension from your waist and hips. 

For added comfort, you can activate the heat feature and experience tranquil contentment as you feel your muscles loosen. The rolling massage nodes with the width adjustments will travel the full length of your back, invigorating the muscles that line both sides of your spine. 

You have your choice of 3 massage zones which are the upper back, lower back, entire back, and spot massage for accurately targeted pain relief. This device has an adjustable height option for the neck massage. That aids to eradicate any tension in your neck and shoulders, while the seat vibration exudes light movement to help relax your muscles. 

Key Features

A man sits on the Gentle Touch Gel Deluxe Shiatsu Massage Cushion Back Massager that is on top of the chair.
  • Shiatsu deep-kneading, gel massage nodes where the intensity can easily be adjusted to get the perfect setting. To ultimately simplify your aching muscles and mitigate any tightness.
  • The adjustable height neck massage eradicates the tension in your neck and shoulders.
  • Dynamic Squeeze™ feature, massages as it gently squeezes the tension from your waist & hips.
  • 3 massage zones & the spot massage to accurately provide targeted relief.
  • Soothing heat to encapsulate those tight muscles providing relief.
  • Gentle movement from the seat vibration help extricate muscle tightness.
  • You can turn any chair into a massage chair with the strapping system. 
  • Use the handheld remote to easily customize your massage.

Super easy to use a controller. 

True spa experience with the deep-kneading shiatsu massage that features revolutionary gel-coated nodes. Use the zone control to customize your massage and spot massage features that provide the ability to concentrate on trouble areas.

Thera-P™ Percussion Massager with Heat

A lady has the Thera-P™ Percussion Back Massager against her back.

If you need to loosen any tight knots and relieve pain? The HoMedics® Thera-P™ Percussion Massager with Heat is always up for the job.

Heating Feature

This handheld deep kneading massager comes with an optional heat massager. By using heat it will radiate into your tired muscles adding to your massage experience. Deep kneading nodes will replicate the movements of a massage therapist for loosening up knots and relieving pain.

Dual Pivoting Massage Heads

Operating at nearly 3100 pulses per minute, the dual pivoting massage heads provide flexibility. You can enjoy the two different speed settings, from enjoying a smooth, laid back massage or a more exuberant, deep tissue massage.

2 Sets of Massage Nodes

This is the two sets of nodes for the Thera-P™ Percussion Massager.

There are 2 different sets of massage nodes with the heated massager. The 2 massage nodes combined with the dual pivoting massage heads. Along with the heating massager and 2 different speeds, making it a multifaceted massager because every time you use it, you will get a totally different massage experience! 

This is the Thera-P™ Percussion Massager.

Key Features:

  • Percussion massage with dual nodes for loosening those tight knots and relieving the pain.
  • Having 2 speeds is really important because you will not always want a super vigorous massage. On the other hand, you will not always want a gentle, calming massage. This functionality gives you choices to have any type of massage, whenever you want it.
  • Soothing heat promotes blood circulation and is great to decrease joint stiffness, reduce pain, inflammation, and relieve muscle spasms.
  • Lightweight design for comfort and easy handling.

IS-3000 PRO InstaShiatsu+ Neck and Back Massager

A lady is wearing the IS-3000 PRO InstaShiatsu+ Neck and Back Massager.around her neck.

Being in pain and discomfort is stressful. This can make it really difficult to enjoy your life. You can relax and get the benefits of a massage without having to travel. The IS-3000 PRO InstaShiatsu+ Full Body Neck Massager with Heat is a complete massage experience in one convenient device. Relax, reduce stress, and let your body rejuvenate. Add soothing heat to your massage to maximize comfort.

Easy to Use and Maintain

You can get pain relief anytime you need it without messy wires or confusing programs. The InstaShiatsu+ Full Body Massager can be turned on by simply pressing a button. Choose between three-speed settings to create a massage that’s customized for your needs. Get relief on the go with the long-lasting rechargeable Li-Ion battery. The Auto-shut-off feature will activate after 20 minutes of use to ensure the life of your battery.

IS-3000 PRO InstaShiatsu+ Neck and Back Massager.

Versatile and Effective

The InstaShiatsu+ Full Body Massager can be easily adjusted. You will be able to target the specific areas of your body that need pain relief. This massager can be used on your entire body.  Such as your back, shoulders, legs, calves and more. There are arm straps for holding the device in place and allowing you to control the intensity level. Additionally, you can control the rotation of the massage nodes with three different speeds to choose from.

Lightweight and Portable Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

You can take your InstaShiatsu+ Full Body Massager with you when you travel or bring it with you to work. Enjoy a soothing massage whenever you feel like it. It really makes a difference when you do not have to make an appointment whenever you want a massage. If you have the IS-3000 PRO InstaShiatsu+ Neck and Back Massager you are only the touch of a button away.

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