Back Support Belt Review

There is a man with his back to you. He is putting on a Back Support Belt.

Easy Instructions for Use

In this Back Support Belt Review , this image shows the Pain Therapy Back Relief Belt showing the wired connections.

Using DR-HO’S® Pain Therapy Back Relief Belt is very easy to use and you can benefit from it while you are out during the day or in the comfort of your home. 

The following is what it takes to be pain-free using the DR-HO’S® Pain Therapy Back Relief Belt:

  1. The gel pads come with protective covers. Remove them.
  2. Take the gel pads to DR-HO’S® Pain Therapy System or Pain Therapy System Pro and connect them.
  3. Place the belt around your lower back.
  4. On your lower back, make sure gel pads are placed firmly directly on your skin. Adjust them as needed so they fit firmly on your skin.
  5. When you first start using DR-HO’S® Pain Therapy System or Pain Therapy System Pro.  Slowly turn the intensity dial until you begin to feel the electrical impulses. It’s important to turn it up slowly and wait for it to start working.  If you turn it up too quickly it will hurt. I know from having done this before and it does not feel good.
  6. The mode and timer are there for you to be able to tweak to where it feels the best for you.
  7. When you are done, make sure you place the protective covers back on the gel pads. The gel pads will pick up everything that can stick to them. 

2-in-1 Back Decompression Belt – Basic Package

2-in-1 Back Decompression Back Support Belt - Basic Package.

The 2-in-1 Back Decompression Belt is clinical grade traction and decompression therapy belt. It was created by back pain specialist Dr. Michael Ho. The 2-in-1 Back Decompression Belt is not like any other back pain belt because it provides traction and decompression therapy.

When it comes to Back Decompression or Spinal Decompression it is a clinically proven technology and is endorsed by many medical professionals. It is used in both upper and lower back pain treatment.

This Back Support Belt will Decompress the Lumbar Spine

When you inflate the Decompression Back Support Belt, it will provide traction for your lower back. It’s a gentle motion that works to lengthen your spine, and can relieve pressure on any worn-out, bulging, or herniated discs. It makes your spine decompress and that allows for blood, oxygen, and other nutrients better access to the spine. In turn, relieves inflammation around the discs and the sciatic nerve.

Stabilizes and Strengthens the Lower Back

When you have an unstable lower back, your everyday actions can trigger severe pain and spasms. This decompression back support belt will provide your lower back with the support it needs for preventing surges of pain. The device has added stability around the midsection for strengthening your back muscles with less pain.

Stretches Tight Muscles and Eases Stiffness

Your back muscles will often tense up because they are most likely compensating for things like an injury and misalignment. Which can lead to the build-up of painful knots. When you inflate the decompression back support belt, it will stretch the muscles in your back, and that will take the pressure off the surrounding joints. You will have more flexibility and range of motion because you will be less stiff. 

Relieves Lower Back from Upper Body Weight

This image side by side images of the same man showing the 2-in-1 Decompression Back Support Belt - Basic Package. It shows how you can wear it high or low on the waste.

The decompression back support belt increases in height by 4 inches (7.5cm) when it’s inflated. That lifts and supports the weight of your upper body.  By decreasing pressure on your lower back, that frees up your spine to lengthen. This back support belt will ease the pressure on any compressed discs.

The 2-in-1 Back Decompression Belt is used to help with a variety of back and lower body issues, including:

  • Acute and chronic back pain.
  • Discs that are herniated, bulging, or degenerative.
  • Leg pain related to degenerative discs.
  • Pain from Spinal stenosis.
  • You can not sleep due to back pain.
  • Scoliosis related pain.
  • Aching back from constant sitting.
  • Back pain from sports such as golf and baseball.

Drug-Free Pain Relief Solution

DR-HO’S products are a completely drug-free solution to help cope and manage your pain. The best part is you do not need any over the counter or prescriptions in order for it to be effective. All of DR-HO’S products are 100% natural solutions.

Scientifically Proven

DR-HO works with physiotherapists, scientists, chiropractors, along with other healthcare professionals to provide products that will work for anyone who is suffering from pain.


This decompression back support belt has helped thousands of people around the world cope with pain. Dr. Ho wants you to experience the benefits it has to offer, without any risk on your part. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return it within 90 days and get your money back less S&H.

What Size Should I Order?

For waist sizes 25-41,  order Size A and for waist sizes 42-55, please order Size B. Note: The decompression back support belt is not currently available for waist sizes above 55.

This image shows a man sitting in a chair with poor posture. There are red lightening bolts showing the worst areas on his spine.

Mueller Green Adjustable Back and Abdominal Support

A lady is wearing the Mueller Green Adjustable Back Support Belt.

The Mueller Green Adjustable Back & Abdominal Support will help to protect you against lower back pain, fatigue, and weakness. It’s one size fits most and created from recycled materials. This one-handed cinching system instantly tightens the abdominal compression and lumbar support. The antimicrobial treatment controls or eliminates odors.

The Mueller Green Adjustable Back and Abdominal Support features the following:

A lady wears the Mueller Green Adjustable Back Support Belt adjusting it.
  • Immediate abdominal compression with lumbar support to combat repetitive bending and lifting.
  • It has comfortable rigid posterior panels for providing support to the lower back muscles while helping you to maintain good posture.
  • There is a unique cinching pull-strap that enables easy one-handed tightening.
  • It is latex-free.
  • This device is a “One size fits most” that is if your waste is anywhere from 32″ – 51″ you can use this.

Do not use if you are pregnant or if you have pulmonary, cardiovascular, circulatory, or skeletal conditions. Using this device may worsen your condition as a result of compression and pressure.

DMI Elastic Lumbar Sacral Back Support Brace

A lady is wearing DMI Elastic Lumbar Sacral Back Support Brace.

If you’ve been dealing with an aching back or want to improve your posture, the DMI Elastic Lumbar Sacral Back Support Brace can help.

This back support belt will help in supporting your back by relieving the back pain that can come from everyday stress, chronic conditions,  strains, injuries, and lifting heavy objects. 

The hook and loop adjustment straps make it possible to choose a fit that feels the best for you.  Then, the elastic bands offer consistent compression. 

A unique feature about this back brace is that it has flexible steel stays that will provide you with even better support. Additionally, you can remove them for greater flexibility. Essentially,  you are getting extra support with the same brace! 

The lumbar support brace fits waist sizes 24 to 36 inches.

When you are suffering from back pain it can sometimes be from the chair you sit in. Learn More about the Best Office Chair for Back Pain.

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