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CyberTech S.P.I.N.E. Lumbar Back Brace

There are front and back images of a lady wearing CyberTech S.P.I.N.E. Brace Lumbar Back Brace.

The Cybertech SPINE Lumbar Brace is excellent for treating any lower back pain without having to have a prescription from your doctor. To get a good quality back brace a prescription is not needed. However, if you are having back problems you always want to consult with your doctor.

The Cybertech Spine Brace can be very effective for treating lower back pain. This brace uses the Cybertech medical patented mechanical advantage pulley system. This is to provide efficient abdominal compression for delivering that much-needed pain relief. 

You can adjust this brace’s single drawcord fastener while standing, walking, sitting, or driving using one hand. It has a rotating pulley mechanism that is developed particularly for providing comfortable support and hydrostatic lift to your lower back for relieving spinal back pain. 

This shows the Mechanical Advantage Pulley System of the CyberTech S.P.I.N.E. Brace Lumbar Back Brace.

The lumbar corset uses nylon mesh for full breathability. It uses parachute cord which is triple woven nylon and it’s used inside the pulley system to produce better durability for continual daily use. This pulley mechanism uses a true 6-1 mechanical advantage. This is specifically used for being able to use a single hand for tightening that’s very easy and effortless.

You have the option of using this as a support brace or with the optional S.P.I.N.E program. The program includes a brochure and video that goes over patient back pain, recommended exercises they suggest using, plus and nice carrying case to put it in.

This shows the CyberTech S.P.I.N.E. Brace Lumbar Back Brace. It also shows the accessories included with it.

The Cybertech Spine Brace Details:

  • Uses the triple woven nylon parachute cord. Unlike others that will often weak cordage for the pulley cord. You know the triple woven cord will give you all the support you will need.
  • It has a convenient one-step pulley system for achieving effective efficiency and just making it easy!
  • Having quick adjustability provides a lot of accessibility and more control for greater conformity.
  • A Cybertech exclusive by having the rotating pulley mechanism that allows for a true 6:1 mechanical advantage for better spine support.
  • The corset’s (brace) has a rear power unit that can be removed for easy cleaning and care. You can not beat the guarantee for life for the mechanical advantage pulley system for this brace.
  • You can easily adjust the tension by using only one hand while doing anything.
  • Single front fastener makes the brace easy to put it on and take it off.
  • The rear power unit is removable for easy care and cleaning.
  • A designed nylon mesh side panel makes for easy airflow.
  • This brace comes in seven different sizes. I placed the size chart below for you to review.
  • In comes one color and that is black.

CyberTech Trimod System Lumbar Sacral Orthotic Back Brace

A lady facing away is wearing the CyberTech Trimod System Lumbar Sacral Orthotic Back Brace.

The Cybertech Tri-Mod Back Brace takes their trimodular design, along with the rigid stability of their custom unibody chairback frame. Then, combine it with their Cybertech Original Brace or corset to produce a complete motion-controlled lumbar support brace.  

The Tri-Mod back brace is built with what Cybertech refers to as a removable uni-body frame. That frame wraps around the sides of your body like a well-fit snug shell. You can and can remove it from the back of the brace/corset to allow it to be used by itself. 

The Cybertech “1-hand, 1-second adjustability” promises you the ultimate in satisfaction and comfort. This device can be ordered in a standard 10″ or in a low profile 8″ width brace/corset. The Cybertech TriMod system is built with an orthopedic design for helping to control your movement in all directions. Providing the highest degree of immobilization for your back.  

The Cybertech Tri-Mod features an easy to fit design that both physicians and patients find easy to fit and cinch up in seconds.  For patients recovering from spinal surgery or for those with chronic back pain, this product comes highly recommended for restricting the lumbar spine movement.

A lady is wearing the CyberTech Trimod System Lumbar Sacral Orthotic Back Brace.

Cybertech TriMod Back Brace Features:

  • They have a rigorous unibody chairback frame for creating a trimodular system for support.
  • Assures exceptional backward bending and lateral support side bending.
  • There are rigid anterior and posterior panels for providing support, comfort, and pressure.
  • Their patented pulley system will easily provide 6 times more power to augment compression around your torso area.
  • The “1-hand, 1-second adjustability” gives you the ability to be able to stand or sit while making changes if needed? This puts you in total control, leading to greater compliance.
  • There is a single front fabric fastener making it easy to fit and remove.
  • It’s light as a feather, exquisite construction with their breathable side panels for additional comfort. You have will have interchangeable Tri-Mod component sizes to make sure you get the best fit.
  • This is available in a low profile 8″ brace/corset for those that are 5’6″ or shorter with normal weight or a standard 10″ brace/corset 5’7″ and taller or those who are heavy-set individuals.
  • It is available in seven different sizes. You can view the size chart below.

Vertaloc Flex Fit Back Brace

A man is wearing the Vertaloc Flex Fit Back Brace.

A VertaLoc FLEX FIT Back Brace is specifically designed for providing spinal support for relieving your lower back pain and augment immobilization without sacrificing your comfort. It has a newly designed closure system that will work with its compression straps. This is done in conjunction with stringent posterior and anterior panels for providing sagittal balance.

The back brace is referred to as a Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (LSO) which will provide support from your sacrum up through to your T-9 vertebra. It has rigorous anterior and posterior panels, which are used in conjunction with the compression straps. This will provide you with spinal stability and control and that will relieve your lumbar pain and discomfort. The compression straps will help in increasing stabilization for optimal support.

This shows an angle view of the Vertaloc Flex Fit Back Brace.

This brace will provide you with support from your sacrum all the way up to your T-9 vertebra. It’s a very lightweight, breathable three-dimensional mesh fabric that allows airflow through so you do not sweat too much. There are removable posterior panels that allow enough space for inserting a heating pad or a cold pack. 

It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of one-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of your purchase to be free of material or workmanship defects.

This shows a view from the back of the Vertaloc Flex Fit Back Brace.

Measurement Instructions

To get the most accurate measurement: Stand up straight and then exhale slowly. You want to hold the end of the tape measure at your belly button and bring it around your waist to the front. Have the measuring tape parallel to the floor and fit it snug around your torso.

A Back Brace will cover a good portion of your back. If you are just looking for lower back support. A Back Support Belt might be a better choice for you. Learn More about a Back Support Belt.

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