Comfort Posture Corrector Brace

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Comfort Posture Corrector Brace – Posture & Back Braces continue to grow in popularity and use. Probably because if you suffer from chronic back pain as I do, putting on a back or posture brace can be a quick fix. It can ease your pain, and at the same time allow you to do physical activity without further hurting your back, causing even more pain. I know when my back is really hurting I find myself constantly changing positions trying to get comfortable. This really screws up my posture and makes things worse for me. 

A Little About Me

First, a little about my back story (no pun intended) My back pain problems began in 1997 after falling while trying to climb over a fence. When I fell, I twisted my back. It hurt a little, but I did not think too much of it at the time. From that point, with each passing week, my back would hurt a little more. Then, it was almost six months to the day that I fell while climbing over that fence. I went under the knife for a ruptured disc. From then on, my chronic back pain journey began. 

My list of back-related treatments, therapies, and procedures runs long. From yoga to steroid injections, spinal fusion to nerve ablations and more. If there is a treatment for back pain, chances are I have tried it. Currently, my back pain relief consists of having nerve ablation procedures a couple of times a year. Along with taking pain meds when my stomach can handle them.

I know I am merely just putting a band-aid on the problem but it works for now. Meanwhile, I continue to look for healthier alternatives that will work. Ultimately, to be pain-free. 

Struggle with Posture

A man has his hands on his head frustrated with his posture.

As I mentioned above, I am constantly shifting my body trying to find a comfortable position when my back is really bothering me. As you can imagine, this really has a major effect on my posture. In turn, it just adds to the pain. One of the main causes of lower back pain is having a poor sitting posture. Sitting in a slouched position it can cause a strain on your back. At the same time, it can add excessive pressure on the joints, muscles, and discs. 

Many people do struggle with their posture (maybe you?) and are searching for ways to improve it. The old posture braces that were once used in the past are dramatically different from a posture brace you would use today for improving your posture. 

A posture brace is generally used to retrain your musculature so that your back will maintain an upright position without a lot of effort. If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer as I do, or you are not very active, you will start to lose your muscle tone in the torso, core muscles, and in the abs.

Also, you may begin to hunch your shoulders forward, which will make things worse. By using a back brace for your posture, you can begin building those muscles in a way that helps you stand upright. Even if you have been slumping or slouching for several years you can use a brace to help with your posture. 

There are many reasons why good posture is so important to your health. When you stand tall and not slouched over, it makes you look more confident. In some cases, you may appear to look taller and thinner. Actually, when you are slouching you are not getting a consistent amount of oxygen into your body. That lack of posture can affect your energy level. As a result, it can cause you to feel tired, and even in some cases, gain weight. 

Types of Comfort Posture Corrector Braces

A man is straightening a bed wearing a posture brace.

When it comes to a posture brace there are different types. If you have seen your doctor regarding your back problems they may have a recommendation. Depending on how severe your problem is they might want you to have a special one made. However, this might not be an option for you due to the costs involved. If you do not have insurance, a brace purchased through your doctor can set you back hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars.

Buying a posture brace on your own is the route most people take. However, consider consulting your doctor as they might have suggestions or recommendations of posture braces that are out on the market. 

Note: A posture brace should not be worn twenty-four hours a day. Many of them are designed to be worn between 30 minutes to a few hours each day. Remember, the goal of a posture brace is to re-train your muscle memory and not become a crutch. You should never use a posture brace over long extended periods of time.

You will not get as much muscle development if you wear the brace too much. However, this will vary from person to person. If you purchase a posture brace, always carefully read the instructions. You should also make sure your doctor is aware of it.

TOROS-GROUP Comfort Posture Corrector Back Support Brace

A lady is putting on the TOROS-GROUP Comfort Posture Brace Corrector.

The TORSOS-GROUP Comfort Posture Corrector and Back Support Brace should be worn for 3-4 hours daily. However, the first couple of days you should only wear it for 15-25 minutes, then from there add 20 minutes every day. Your shoulders and back will gradually readjust as you build muscle memory for the right posture.

You want to avoid over-tightening which will cause excessive tension. Wearing a posture support for an extended period of time is never a good idea. The posture brace is really just a training device. It is used as a training tool to help retrain and bring posture to normal. This Posture Corrector should not be worn when sleeping.  If you do, it may do more harm than good.

The Adjustable Back Brace with Lumbar Pad will help to provide relief from injuries and arduous activity. That way you can resume your physical activity. This Posture Brace/Corrector is recommended to help relieve lower back pain from sprains, strains and muscle spasms.

This image shows how to put on the TOROS-GROUP Comfort Posture Brace Corrector.

This brace is very comfortable and a very cost-effective way of preventing any slouching and long term pain that may be related to it. When your posture is in its correct position, you will no longer feel that pain from daily activities. Because there is no pressure on your discs along with no inflammation. Not always but sometimes you can get some swelling. 

The waist belt and shoulder straps for this posture brace are fully adjustable. This makes it possible to get the exact fit that adapts to your body’s landscape. It is recommended that you wear the posture brace over an undershirt or some type of lightweight shirt. This helps to avoid the brace rubbing against your skin. For some people, it’s no big but for others, it can cause rashes. 

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