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Deep Tissue Massager

Novafon SK2 SK2 Intrasound Massager Chrome

The Novafon SK2 SK2 Intrasound deep tissue Massager.

Sound Waves History

Erwin Schliephake, a German scientist, in 1928 he discovered that sound waves increase healing. When applying sound waves to your body, the cells along with tissue will absorb some of that energy. This increases circulation which will enhance healing.

About the Novafon

Novafon SK2 SK2 Intrasound Massager Chrome.

The Novafon Sonic Massager is a deep tissue massager that compact and high-precision electrical device, the Novafon Transducer transmits sound waves to the area you are treating through a ‘sound-head’. It does this without having to apply pressure to the skin. These sound waves penetrate up to 2 1/4″ within the body and treat areas that can not be accessed by conventional manipulation techniques. Like turning down the volume of a radio, the intensity and vibration of the waves can be easily adjusted.

The deep tissue therapy you get from the Novafon Deep Tissue Massager is not like the usual massager where you get that soothing feel of vibration. Keep that mind after you use it. But the benefits you will get are very significant and can heal as much as 2.36 inches below the surface of your skin.

A sound transducer is used by the Novafon Deep Tissue Massager. It vibrates at selected frequencies within the audible range: Level 1: 100 cycles per second (Hertz) and Level 2 for percussion: 50 cycles per second (Hertz).   

Sound waves get transmitted to the area through a uniquely designed “sound head”, that gets applied and does not cause any pressure to the skin surface.

 Effects on Your Body

This is the Novafon SK2 SK2 Intrasound deep tissue Massager laying on its side.

The sound waves have the ability to penetrate up to 2 ¼” within the body. They treat areas that can’t be accessed by using other techniques. This Novafon Deep Tissue Massager creates intensive stimulation of the natural functions of the body’s systems like the circulatory, nervous and cellular systems.

This device comes with two speeds which are high and low and a control knob for the intensity. It has two sound heads for flat or large areas, along with a round head for points.

You can use the Novafon to stimulate muscles, joints, tissues, cartilage, and joints. This stimulation immediately tightens the cell-wall membranes which leads to increased blood circulation and improved metabolism. 

It is by this intensive stimulation of the natural functions of the cellular, circulatory and nervous systems of the body that the beneficial effects of the therapy are achieved. 

Basically, Novafon helps out nature’s process. Many people who have used the Novafon got significant relief, particularly in the joints.

Novafon has a small head at the end of it that turns the standard 60 Hz of electricity you would find in any house in America into a range of audible sound waves. These waves can easily infiltrate your body up to 2.5 inches deep. Since these waves can penetrate so deep into your skin you might think they would generate heat in the tissues? No heat is generated. Any heat you may feel is from increased circulation. 

This image shows a magnify glass and several question marks.

How Does Novafon Provide Pain Relief?

Novafon transmits sound waves or vibrations within earshot of your hearing range. Then they stimulate local circulation, relaxing your muscles and tissues as you get from any type of massage. The one exception is it’s done much more gently.

How Portable is the Novafon Deep Tissue Massager?

This device is super light weighing in at less than one pound. It’s very efficient only using less than 25 watts of electricity. It’s very portable and comes with its own carrying case.

You want to always unplug the transformer when you are not using it which extends the life of the transformer.

How Close Should You Hold The  Novafon?

Hold the Novafon so it lightly touches the area you are using it on. It’s recommended to use about 1 or 2 ounces of pressure. If you push it too hard against your body, you will dampen the unit’s power, depleting its effectiveness.

If you use the unit with creams or oils. It’s recommended placing a plastic baggy over the head of the unit to protect it from the creams and oils. If the creams and oils are left on the device it will rapidly degrade the rubber membrane located under the powerhead. The use of oils and creams are not covered under the warranty. 

When you change a head attachment make sure you do not over-tighten the head. It can possibly damage the unit. 

The Novafon has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Wahl Deep Tissue Therapeutic Percussion Massager

This image has a lady holding the Wahl Deep Tissue Massager to her neck massing it.

This deep tissue massager very popular because it has a good track record with consumers and plenty of buyer reviews. I used to own one myself but I will save my personal comments until the end of this review.

Advantages & Disadvantages of The Wahl

The Wahl Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager comes in at about 3lbs and is not cordless. We all know the advantages of any device when it is cordless.  Considering the low price having a device like this with a motor that can reach 3350 pulses/minute is impressive.

Wahl deep tissue massager has 4 interchangeable massage heads for relieving stress-induced tension and pain.

This device allows its users to choose from different massage strengths that go from a gentle setting to intense. It gives you the option to choose the speed which best suits you.

As I stated above, this massager can go up to 3350 pulses per minute. That makes this particular deep tissue massager fast and effective because it has the ability to reach deep into those tissues. 

This device may not be cordless but the cord it has is 8 feet long. Making it fairly easy to extend and reach the different parts of your body. Granted, this may not be cordless but having an 8-foot cord makes a big difference. Not all corded massagers will have this long of a power cord. Having owned and used many massagers the 8-foot cord is a welcome sight. 

4 Massage Head Attachments

This image shows the attachments of the Wahl Deep Tissue  Massager.

You have four different massage heads to choose from. The massage heads include the acupoint massager, four-finger flex massager, flat disc massager, and the deep muscle massager. 

The Deep Muscle Massager Head can give you a complete body massage with its calming and thumping properties. When you use the deep muscle massager head, you will feel your whole body relaxing. 

The four-finger flex massager has a design that is similar to the shape of a human hand. With this particular massager head, you will feel like real human hands are giving you a massage. The four-finger flex massager is mostly used for massaging your neck and the surrounding area.

The acupoint massager head will relieve tension from concentrated areas in your body, especially your back. This particular massage head massages deep into your tissues, relaxing your body.

This massage head is disc-like shaped, being flat on both sides. It is mainly used for massaging large areas of your body like your back or thigh.

This image shows the Wahl Deep Tissue Massager and its spiral lock attachments. Along with the 8 foot cord.

My Thoughts

The manufacturer offers a limited warranty of 2 years. Most products will only offer a 1-year warranty. This deep tissue massager provides a somewhat strong massage. The motor, although powerful, might be too loud as compared to other hand-held massagers

The Wahl Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massager is one of the better hand-held massagers that are available on the market for that price point. Since it has such a low price it makes it easy to look past any of its faults.

Health Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

A man has his hand held out with the text "Health" resting on the palm.

Massage therapy is very important in relaxing your muscles. It helps your muscles and joints relax and can become pain-free. Massage therapy has many health benefits as research has shown.

Not everyone has the time nor money to go to see a massage therapist. By the way, Massage and Massage Therapy mean the same thing. 

The following is a quick rundown of some of the benefits of a massage.

1. PMS Relief for Woman:

A study from the Touch Research Institutes at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Getting regular massages can reduce premenstrual symptoms like unnecessary weight gain, bloating, mood swings, bloating and random headaches.

2. Exercise Recovery:

Tissue manipulation can help activate the genes that provide aid to decrease swelling. If you have just a 10-minute massage, it will speed up the recovery so you can return to your exercise regiment.

3. Relaxes Your Muscles:

As I mentioned above, a massage helps to loosen tight muscles in your body. The motion of the movement from a massage will increase the blood flow. That will help to send fresh blood to any injured tissues. The increased flow of oxygen and nutrients in the blood will aid strained muscles to heal.

4. Strengthens Your Immune System:

The boost in blood circulation you get from the massage will help to strengthen your body’s immune system. A clinical study from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center found that a massage increases the number of white blood cells produced in the body. White blood cells play a large role in defending the body from disease.

5. Anxiety:

There have been several studies when it comes to massage therapy and its effect on anxiety. There is one study that was done on people with generalized anxiety disorder, over a six week time period. The patients were given a 45-minute Swedish massage twice a week. Another group of participants was given light touch therapy. The results concluded that those who got the Swedish massage had more reductions in anxiety than those who had received light touch therapy.

6. Depression

An interesting fact that you might find interesting is that massage was one of the first treatments used for people dealing with depression. Research that was conducted by Dr. Wen-Hsuan Ho found that massage therapy could be a benefit when it comes to symptoms of depression being alleviated.

7. Healthy Skin and Hair:

Increased blood flow helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital. It will also remove cellular toxins from your skin.  In addition, increased blood flow helps relieve dandruff on your scalp.

8. Pain Reduction:

Massage therapy has been proven to make a dramatic difference when it comes to reducing chronic back pain. One study took a 63-year-old man with chronic back pain from four different diagnoses: osteoarthritis, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease. The goal of this study was to have him cut down on his pain medication.

The man received four massages across a twenty-day period. When the study was completed he had dramatic improvements in his ability to walk. Additionally, his pain was reduced and he was able to decrease his pain medication. To top it off, he had the ability to ride his bicycle for the first time in years.

There are Massage Tools that are very portable and generally cost a lot less than other massagers. Learn More about Massage Tools.

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