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Percussion Massager

DIY Percussion Massager – I have experienced many back-related treatments, therapies, and procedures over the years. A percussion massager is one of those products I will never forget. It’s very intense and will have no problem relaxing any thickened connective tissue you have. Which is often referred to as “knots”.

A DIY Percussion Massager is a handheld tool that will administer pulses of concentrated pressure deep into your muscle tissue. The “DIY” is the fact you can give yourself massage. Well, that really depends where on your body you need the massage. For the most part you can use a percussion massager without any assistance.

This type of deep-tissue massage will work out the knotted up muscles and tension from your muscles while improving blood flow and quickly enhancing your range of motion. A percussion massager can help to shorten your recovery time while relieving some of the pain, tension, and soreness that comes naturally from intense activity.

The Percussion Massager Massage

This image shows a DIY percussion massager.

The percussion massage is the kind of massage that distributes a series of rapid blows that penetrate deep into the soft tissue to promote pain relief, relaxation, and tissue repair. This type of massage will help your blood circulation and range-of-motion of the muscles. When done by a masseuse, the percussion strokes are applied through a series of quick, light, strikes from the hands and wrists. The easier option would be to use a handheld percussion massager. 

What is the Best DIY Percussion Massager? I listed some of the best percussion massagers further down. This is based on sales, reviews and my unbiased experiences with these products.  

The rapid pulsations delivered from a percussion massager will soften stiff muscle tissue, and you can target extremely sore muscles by working the surrounding tissue. Eventually, softening and soothing the surrounding tissue will have a relaxing, soothing impact on the sore, overworked muscles.

Many professionals are using percussion massagers to minimize pain and discomfort for patients, but you can buy your own percussion massager to achieve the same results in your home or where ever you want to take it with you.

A DIY Percussion Massager and Its Benefits

A man is using the best percussion massager on the back of a ladies neck.

Percussion massage therapy can be a benefit to anyone. It has several benefits for athletes, a person recovering from an injury, and the everyday person who needs some knots worked out in their shoulders from stress. If you sit at a desk all day, it’s quite common to have neck and back soreness. Percussion therapy can help relax your sore muscles and relieve your pain.

If you are an athlete you will benefit from the improved oxygen distribution and blood circulation in your body. This will in turn, reduce your post-workout muscle soreness and cramping. It can also accelerate your body’s ability to recover and heal faster. This makes having the best diy percussion massager essential.

The percussive massage is great for warming-up before any competition or exercise routine. A percussive massage gives balance to your targeted muscle group and tones the muscles while relieving any tightness. It reduces physical stress on the bones and joints as well.

Percussive therapy is sometimes used for post-surgery treatment. It can break down internal scar tissue while increasing your venous and lymphatic circulation. This really helps in speeding up your healing time. It can also treat your stiff joints and muscle spasms from elongating the muscle fibers. This will relax your muscles and fascia, preventing any future muscle spasms.

For the Active and Athletic

A lady holds a percussion massager to her neck area.

Athletes both professional and amateur use percussion massagers all the time. You will sometimes see on the sidelines at a game, NBA basketball players receiving percussion treatment in order to prevent and treat cramping. This type of massage stretches the muscles and connective tissues, therefore improving an athlete’s overall performance.

The percussion massage will generate 30x more powerful contractions of the muscle, which will enhance muscle strength and recovery time. The additionally improved blood circulation will reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. That helps with an athlete’s stamina enabling them to perform longer and more frequently.

Speed Up Rehabilitation

A physical therapist holds a mans leg while he lays on a table.

Having this type of therapy will really help in speeding up the rehabilitation process of the muscles that have been injured due to injury, surgery or disease. The contractions caused by the percussion massager will strengthen the muscles. Some people are not able to participate in physical therapy.

The percussive massage is really beneficial to them. It is used to stimulate the muscles in patients with partial or full paralysis. It can prevent non-use atrophy, and improve reflex responses in which the nerves respond to stimulation.

Health and Wellness

There are several health benefits you get as a result of a diy percussion massager: enhance your immunity, lower your blood pressure, improving sleep, eliminate toxins from your body, improve digestion, help sleep, and improve your organ and tissue health.

Reduce Stress Levels and Pain Relief

Any massage will feel good but this type of massage, in particular, feels exceptionally good. Because you can really get down deep into the soft tissues. A percussive massage will increase your blood flow along with your oxygen levels. increased blood flow, which delivers more oxygenated blood to all your muscles and cells around your body.

This promotes deeper breathing levels and relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety. The blood flow will also be increased to the pain-causing areas resulting in pain relief.

Easy to Use and Convenient

A lady sits on a bench and uses a Percussion Massager on her wrist.

If you decide to get a diy percussion massager they’re are very easy to use and you can take it with you wherever you go. This is great especially if you know you are going to be away from home for a period of time. Having your percussion massager with you will surely come in handy. Often times, you may not realize how important it is to you until it’s not there when you really need it.

Procedures and Scaring

Percussive massages are known for aiding in freeing up adhesions, breaking down scar tissue, and helping in decreasing inflammation that can sometimes follow cosmetic and other procedures. This can speed up the healing and recovery time. Additionally, your flexibility and mobility will be improved due to relaxation, stretching of muscles tissues and fascia (connective tissue).

What are the Different Types of Percussion Massagers?

A lady holds out both hands in question?

There are a variety of percussion massagers out on the market. The differences are by the intensity of the vibration they produce, some produce vertical vibrations upward or downward, while others will vibrate back and forth, along with sideways. Some percussion massagers will have set programs for certain muscle groups.

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager

This is the Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager.

The Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Handheld Massager is very popular on the market. It also comes in at a low price. The massager has 4 massage heads that will stimulate your muscles and provide a very soothing massage experience. 

The products ergonomic design will allow you to use the massager with ease.  So, what’s ergonomic design? The technical meaning is it is the science of refining designs for products and optimizing them for human use. To sum it up, it’s been “redesigned”.   


 lad holds a Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager to her neck.

An advantage of using the Wahl Massager is that it has 4 attachment heads. Each one of the heads is designed to be able to perform a specific massage technique. This makes it possible to customize each of your massage sessions. You will have the option of a different massage experience every time you use the massager. 

There is a four-finger flex attachment head is designed to replicate the hand motions of a professional massage therapist. This attachment will provide a calming massage experience. It can be across your entire body whenever you feel the need for a relaxing massage.

The deep muscle massage attachment is designed to give your muscles a deep thorough massage. Maybe you were on your feet all day and those feet along with our calves are hurting. This attachment is made to arouse your muscles, increase your local blood circulation, and advance your muscle’s sense and flexibility.

The Acupoint massage head is made for providing a deep-tissue massage. This massage head has a narrow tip, that is specifically designed to target your specific pressure points throughout your muscles. The purpose of this is to break apart the knots that have formed in your muscles.

The wide flat disc head is created for covering large regions of your body. This massage attachment works great if you happen to be in a hurry and don’t have the time to cover a large area like your back.  Additionally, this attachment is great for massaging the soles of your feet. It won’t apply too much pressure on any specific area that could make it uncomfortable. Not to mention, if you are ticklish.

This Wahl Percussion Massager model has a very powerful motor considering its low price. This handheld massager has the ability to produce up to 3,350 PPM (pulses per minute). Enabling it to deliver that deep aggressive massage that you might need to break up any knots.

There are several images within this image showing a man holding different parts of his body in pain.

You are in full control given the ability to adjust your massage intensity. Combined with the different attachment nodes, this is a feature that allows you to tailor every massage session when you are ready for a massage.

This Wahl model comes with a long  8-foot power cord. Making it easy to use the massager and not having to worry about tripping over the power cord every time you move to another location of the body.  Regardless if you are giving yourself a massage or to someone else.

The attachment heads are really easy to change. I know from using other massagers, some can be a real pain to switch the heads or attachments in general.  Having different attachment heads is essential for working for all the different muscle groups. The last thing you need is to have to waste your time trying to get an attachment to fit correctly or remove one.

This model only weighs 3lbs and this is something to keep in mind when purchasing a massager, If you will be holding the massager doing the work it can get heavy real quick.

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