Ergonomic Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain

Best Office Chair for Back Pain

Steelcase Leap Chair V2 In Fabric in Black Open Box

Flash Furniture High Back Executive Swivel Office Chair. One of the best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain.

The Steelcase Leap Chair V2 Office Chair has the Liveback feature which imitates the natural shape of your spine which transforms and will adjust to maintain that shape with your every movement. This makes it a great contender for the best office chair for back pain.

When reclining, this office chair gives a natural glide system for allowing you to stay visibly focused on your work area.

Every Steelcase Leap Chair V2 Office Chair is very eco-friendly having been manufactured out of 94% recyclable products and holds a variety of certifications such as BIFMA Level 2, Indoor Advantage, and Cradle to Cradle.

The chair has adjustment features that include seat depth, seat height, lumbar and armrest. You will pay more for this chair but it really does have everything you could need in an office chair to have the best sitting experience.

The warranty that comes with this chair should tell you how well it is made. Steelcase states that they promise to live up to the highest standards by offering you a 12-year steel case warranty. Warranties like this you do not see every day when it comes to office chairs.

About Steelcase

Steelcase is a leader when it comes to creating great experiences by offering you an array of technology, architecture, furniture products and services they have designed to help people to be able to reach their full potential.

They have a comprehensive portfolio that is anchored by three core brands: Coalesse, Turnstone, and Steelcase. They work together with their partners to design spaces for helping people to learn, heal and work.

Protecting the environment is in their DNA, they drive sustainable economic, social, and environmental change through their decisions and actions. “At Steelcase, we don’t just do what’s right, we do what’s best — for people and for the planet.”

Product Description

The Leap Office Chair is a highly ergonomic chair that will adjust to fit your body, so you don’t have to adjust your body to fit the chair. Because of its LiveBack technology, the Leap Office Chair back will change shape to imitate and support the movement of your spine. It’s very easy to adjust your Leap Office Chair and make it fit you comfortably for the entire day. 

That’s done to it’s simple and intuitive adjustment features. The Steelcase Leap Office Chair’s complete features are pneumatic (air) seat-height adjustment, with a variable backstop along with height-width-pivot-depth adjustable arms. In addition, it has a black plastic frame, shell, base, and arms. There is adjustable lumbar support, strong, well-built hard casters to easily move around.

Top Features

This shows a back side view of the Steelcase Leap Chair V2 In Fabric in Black Open Box.
  • The Steelcase Leap Chair V2 Office Chair has a streamlined, stylish contoured design.
  • The Leap Office Chair is the first chair that will actually change its shape to support your movements. 
  • LiveBack technology was first introduced in 1999 and has continued to evolve since then.  This technology enables dynamic movement as your back moves, replicating the movement of your spine.
  • The arms of the chair are able to move in and out, back and forwards.
  • It’s seat smoothly glides forward making it possible to recline without interrupting your focus, keeping you in your work zone.
  • When you need to lean forward the seat edge flexes to relieve pressure on the back of your legs.
  • The Leap Office Chair’s ergonomic advances will allow you to work comfortably, and be more productive, in a proven healthy way for extended periods of time.


The version of this chair I listed is “refurbished”.  Meaning, you can get this chair at a substantial discount. This chair is more money than the two office chairs mentioned about but it is well worth it. 

Refurbished products are often overlooked but they can be a real money saver. I have purchased several refurbished products before and an office chair was one of those purchases. 

Refurbished products or rather office chairs in this case. Are products that have been previously returned to the manufacturer for various reasons. For instance, if they have a new product launch and want to make room for the new product line. 

They will pull the older products off the shelf and sell those at a substantial discount just to move those products out. Another instance is when someone purchases a product and then decides to return it.

If there are any defects or any problems with those products they will fix them and make them like new again.

It’s kind of like when you buy a new car and then take it off the lot. The minute you drive that car off the lot the car’s value drops. The same is applied to products except you will get a much better deal than you would for that car. 

If you end up buying this chair? The first thing you want to do is check it over ASAP when it arrives. If in the unlikely event there is a problem with it? You have 30 days from the date you received it to send it back. There are no restocking fees or return shipping fees that you would have to pay. 

There is a full manufacturer 1-year warranty on this office chair. Just like they do with new items. When it comes to the Best Office Chair for Back Pain, this one of them.

Eurotech Ergohuman Elite High-Back Chair

The best office chair for back pain the Eurotech Ergohuman Elite High-Back Chair.

This is a super popular office chair for back pain. The Eurotech Ergohuman Elite High-Back Chair is another comfortable office chair that I would in the same category as the best office chair for back pain. It’s not only one a comfortable office chair but it is also very popular with buyers. It rates very well for ergonomic office chair reviews.

The chair features adjustable tilting tension control, along with a tilt lock. It has back angle and height, seat height, synchro-tilt, arm height, and more. Just about everything on this chair can be adjusted. 

The Eurotech Ergohuman Elite High-Back Chair will adapt to anyone’s body and desk height which is awesome if you are a computer user, or if you spend most of your day sitting. 

The chair is manufactured with a breathable mesh fabric that will keep you cool and comfy no matter if you sit all day. It is environmentally friendly and it’s constructed from 97% of recyclable materials.

Design And Features

The best office chair for back pain the Eurotech Ergohuman Elite High-Back Chair is shoing a man sitting in the chair and lists its features in text beside him.

This office chair makes it easy to raise and lower the height of the seat. This is to make it adapt to your own height. A pneumatic (air) cylinder will provide a smooth and convenient operation so that you can modify the height without adversity. Additionally, the headrest, backrest, and seat can be altered to fit your own dimensions. That makes it one of the most comfortable chairs available today.

The back support for this office chair can be changed by adjusting the lumbar support.

Fully height adjustable armrests will pivot giving you more flexibility in your mobility while using this office chair. The angle of the backrest can be altered and you can also make use of the tilt-lock feature that allows you to lock the chair in one of three positions.

Benefits of the Eurotech Ergohuman Elite High-Back Chair

The best office chair for back pain the Eurotech Ergohuman Elite High-Back Chair and this shows a side views.

Because of the variety of height adjustments that you can make to this office chair, you can be assured that it will fit your measurements to a tee. Most of the office chairs out on the market do not allow the headrest to be altered. For instance, this office chair is ideal, even if you are very tall or happen to shorter than many people.

Most office chairs will only offer mid-height backrests. But the Eurotech Ergohuman Elite High-Back Chair offers an adjustable headrest. Your back will be well supported, but you will also appreciate the support at the back of your head to take the pressure off your neck muscles.  This is really a nice feature and I wished all the chairs offered this. 

If you like to be able to tilt back a little in a chair? This office chair presents a full-tilt feature. You also have the option of using the locking mechanism to keep it locked at an angle. That will provide good support and will help to distribute your weight evenly.

Do you find yourself slouching a lot? It has lumbar support at the back of the chair for discouraging you not to slouch. Rather, you will be encouraged to maintain good posture when you are using it. This ensures that you are less likely to develop any back pains or problems from lengthened use of this office chair.

The Eurotech Ergohuman Elite High-Back Chair is totally customizable so that you can match your existing motif in the room. There is a variety of colors to choose from to get the best one that fits your needs.

This is a great office chair that offers you a plethora of adjustable features. Regardless of your height or your preference, you’ll be able to alter the chair to fit your needs. 

Top Features

  • Several adjustment options make this a very versatile chair that can be used by just about anyone.
  • The adjustable lumbar support offers firm support and discourages slouching.
  • It has 3 tilt positions that can be used along with the tilt locking feature. You can also enjoy free tilt.
  • Has an adjustable headrest.
  • There are several colors available you can choose from.
  • Includes a manufacturer’s limited ten-year warranty. That really shows how they stand by their product. You do not see a warranty like that very often.

My Thoughts

My thoughts on the best office chair for back pain.

This chair is the most expensive of all the chairs I listed but it’s well worth it. When it comes to the best office chair for back pain all the office chairs I have reviewed all fit in that category. But this would be my #1 choice for the best office chair for back.

I look at it as my health is worth the investment. What really sealed the deal for me was the 10-year warranty. I do a lot of sitting in front of a computer all day (often into the night as well).  This chair has really made a difference since I started using and I would not trade for anything!

Sitting in the wrong chair all day can do a number on your back and can cause a lot of back pain. Especially, if you already have back pain to begin with.

Another possible cause for back pain could be the pillow you rest your head on every night? Learn More about getting the right pillow to help with back pain.

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