Ergonomic Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain

Best Office Chair for Back Pain

Ergonomic Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain – Are you one of the millions who have to deal with back pain be chronic or intermittent? As for myself, I have had many different medical procedures and purchased several products for dealing with back pain since the mid to late nineties. 

I know not everyone has traveled the same road I have nor would I want anyone to have too. Your back pain problems may be able to be resolved simply by getting an office chair for back pain. 

I sit a lot throughout the day in front of a computer. I know its not ideal for someone with chronic back pain but standing too long is not good either. So, I pick my poison. If you’re suffering from back pain and happen to sit for hours in an office or elsewhere? This could be causing your back pain, especially if you have an uncomfortable office chair. 

There have been studies done in regards to chairs and back pain. They prove that sitting in a chair that does not provide the proper back support will result in giving you back pain. The exact medical verbiage they used is “musculoskeletal symptoms”. Just in case you were wondering:)

So, finding an ergonomic office chair for lower back pain is imperative. You are most likely changing positions with your body to compensate for the uncomfortable chair or if you already have back problems as I do, then you may already be changing body positions, to find that comfortable spot. No matter if your situation either one or both cases, this will cause you to develop poor posture. Having poor posture can often lead to aches and pains not to mention other health problems.

This lady is sitting in Ergonomic Office Chair for Lower Back Pain. She is typing on a laptop computer on her lap.

Sitting already causes havoc on your body, this is why it is important to make sure your office chair provides the support you need. Some of the features you might want in a chair are lumbar support and adjustable armrests. This makes it possible to maintain good posture while you are sitting. Finding the best office chair for back pain could really make a difference in your day to day life.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain as I do, replacing your chair may solve your back problems. At the very least, curb your pain and provide some relief. If it could only be as simple as getting a new chair to take away my back pain. I would welcome it in a second!

We all know that sitting all day isn’t good for your back, even if you have a high-quality office chair. It is recommended to get up and move around every 20 minutes. Which can include standing with some stretches? Depending on your work situation, and how you are able to take breaks. If you can, go for a short walk or do some stretching.

In all honesty, who is really going to be able to stick to the 20-minute schedule? When you can take a break in your workday. Get up and go for a walk. Even if it is only around the office. Any movement is better than nothing. But you need to get up and move around.

Ergonomic Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain

The Best office chair for back pain that's black and red.

When you are searching for an office chair for back pain, you might want to keep the following tips in mind:

First of all, you want to be able to change the height of the seat, lumbar support, along with the height of the armrests. However, not all office chairs give you the ability to make all those adjusts. For instance, if you get a chair that allows you to make adjustments to the armrests, it’s important to find a position that minimizes any strain on your back, arms, and neck.

As I stated, not all chairs will give you all the options you might need. When it comes to office chairs like anything else, you get what you pay for. To get the options you think you will need, you might have to pay more. Keep that in mind. 

The good news is there are some chairs that are cost-effective and will be good for your posture. Not to mention, any back pain. I personally own some of those chairs and have listed those along with some others a little further down. Plus, they all have multiple adjustments, providing what you will need for your posture and back pain.

You and Your Office Chair Spacing

There should be enough room so that your back is supported on the back of the chair with lumbar support. The backside of your knees should not touch the seat pan. When sitting, pull your shoulders back. If someone were to look at you from the side, your ears should be aligned along the same plane as your shoulders.

A business lady sits in a office chair with a coffee cup and holding out her hand like she is presenting something.

Maintain Good Posture

Depending on the office chair you are using, to help you maintain good posture you can adjust the lumbar support. By increasing the lumbar intensity, it will push your lower back forward. This will help keep you from slumping over. Additionally, using proper body mechanics and positioning like in the image below:

This graphic shows a man sitting in an office chair at the computer. There are examples as to proper body mechanics for a correct sitting position.


Many office chairs either come with fixed or no armrests. The armrests can have a major impact on your back pain not to mention the comfort level. Armrests help to reduce the pressure on your spine. This makes it easier to maintain good posture.

Office Chair Price

This is a comparison graphic comparing price and value.

You can find an office chair for back pain just under $100 to chairs that cost thousands. As I said above, it is not always necessary to spend a ton of money to get a chair that will give you the support you need and to be comfortable.

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Office Chair

The best office chair for back pain - The Eurotech Ergohuman Elite High-Back Chair.

The Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair is a great looking sleek designed chair. It has as a breathable mesh back for airflow. I do not know about you but my back tends to get hot when I am sitting. Having that airflow on my back is a big deal for me. 

It unfortunately only comes in one color and that is black. But black always seems to fit in most offices or rooms. 

The seat cushion is made from comfortable plush fabric. The seat depth and back height can easily be adjusted to fit your height and size. There are two very sturdy armrests with the ability to make height adjustments for assisting in your vertical seat posturing. 

The Modway Articulate additionally includes tilt tension and lock functions for reclining and inclining comfortably as you see fit. The legs are fitted with five hooded dual-caster wheels. This provides mobility to easily glide over carpeted floors while you perform your tasks without having to use your legs very much.

This chair is designed for efficiency and comfort. It’s a very affordable and viable option when looking for an office chair for back pain. It provides enough adjustability and satisfaction to take care of your own basic needs. The Modway Articulate chair does have a nice look to it as well.  

My Thoughts

A man in business so has his back to you looking at a wall of question marks.

This chair is a really good chair for the price. It is considered a budget chair that does not have a wide range of features as you would see with more expensive massage chairs. The same applies to the materials. It is decently built but again the materials are not like what you would see with high-end office chairs.

I do not own this chair but have sat in one many times. It does lack a sturdier frame along with a wider range of adjustments for larger and shorter people but it can work if you are on a tight budget.

Flash High Back Executive Swivel Office Chair

The Flash Furniture High Back Executive Swivel Office Chair. This is one of the best office chairs for back pain.

The High Back Flash Executive Swivel Office Chair will aid you in your productivity throughout your day. It comes with a comfortable and ventilated design. It has breathable mesh material for allowing the circulation of air to keep you cool while you’re in the chair. If you sit a lot as I do? It’s imperative to find a comfortable chair when sitting for long periods at a time. 

It has a high back design that will relieve the tension in your lower back. This helps to prevent any long term strain. It has a waterfall front seat edge for removing pressure from your lower legs and improving your circulation. 

The High Back Flash will smoothly swivel 360 degrees to get the most use of your workspace without having to strain your legs. The pneumatic (air) adjustment lever allows you to easily adjust the seat to whatever height you want. Having adjustable armrests, they will help take a load off your shoulders and neck, which reduces any chance of developing pain. The slender profile of this mesh chair is cutting edge and give a modern look to your office.

Top Features

Flash Furniture High Back Executive Swivel Office Chair. One of the best office chairs for back pain.
  • An ergonomic back design has the right curvature for supporting your lower back.
  • The ventilated mesh back material let’s airflow to keep you cool.
  • It takes the load off of your shoulders and neck. The adjustable padded armrests will rest your arms at a height that’s comfortable you.
  • The black mesh upholstery that covers the molded swivel seat and leather sides.
  • The seat can be raised and lowered by using the pneumatic (air) seat height adjustment lever, that’s strategically located under the seat. You can increase or decrease the amount of force needed to recline or rock. This is done by turning the tilt tension adjustment knob. The seat can be secured by locking it in place by pushing the tilt lock mechanism lever inward.
  • It has a heavy-duty nylon base along with dual-wheel casters.
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