Exercises for Spinal Decompression at Home

Spinal Decompression at Home

Do you have back pain? Then Exercises for Spinal Decompression at Home may be the answer. Not to mention, more cost-effective. 

My name is Drew and I have been plagued with Back Problems since 1997. Over the last 20 plus years, it’s been a roller-coaster of back pain for me. I have a laundry list of treatments, therapies, and procedures I have endured. Some of the things I have used are Patches, Topical Creams, Tens Therapy, Steroid Injections, Spinal Fusion, Surgical Spinal Decompression (laminectomy), Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and more. 

There are a couple of causes for my Back Problems. They seemed to have started after what I thought was a minor injury at the time. It happened while climbing over a fence. I fell and ended up twisting my back. I also have degenerative disk disease. Then to add to it, I use to lift heavy sound equipment for many years when I was a DJ. I did not always use the best lifting techniques at the time. I was much younger and would just do it. Then think about the consequences later.

There you have it, a somewhat brief overview of my back story (no pun intended.)

What is Spinal Decompression?

This image of the human spine and how you can keep it healthy by doing Exercises for Spinal Decompression at Home.

In case you are not familiar with Spinal Decompression it comes in two flavors; Surgical and Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. 

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression takes on a form of mechanical spinal traction, which is the separation of bones, discs, and joints in the back. That separation causes pressure on the nerves in the back to decrease (decompress). In turn, this relieves pain, improving your mobility and way of life. 

Surgical Spinal Decompression is a procedure(s) that can be performed to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots. Common procedures are discectomy and laminectomy, like what I had done. Having any of these procedures is the last resort when you find nothing else that will work. 

I have also tried using Nonsurgical Spinal decompression and it worked for a little while but did not last. When it worked, it was only for short periods. But that does not mean that’s how it will work for you. Everyone’s back problems are different. What works for one person might not work for the next. But it might work for the next 20 people. You just never know?

Nonsurgical Spinal decompression is more commonly known as or referred to as Spinal Decompression Therapy. Many studies have shown how effective Spinal Decompression Therapy can be. It does work for some people and worked for me for a short while. Its non-invasive and the process does not hurt. Now, to be honest, I know that some people do get a little sore after using spinal decompression therapy. I was a little sore after the first few times. It’s the same soreness like you would feel after working out. The soreness went away after a couple of sessions. 

If you are having back pain, first and foremost, you always want to check with your doctor first. Your doctor may recommend NonSurgical Spinal decompression therapy. However, depending on your situation this might not be an option due to insurance and the cost. Not all insurances will cover this type of therapy. Spinal decompression therapy is looked at as alternative therapy by many insurance companies.

Spinal Decompression at Home

Man is upside down on a wall mounted ladder.

You must be thinking? “There is no way in hell I am going to do that!” Yes, that is an inverted position and you can experience spinal decompression that way. But no worries, there are much easier ways you can go about achieving spinal decompression.  

Physical therapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths are among the health professionals that can provide spinal decompression therapy. If your living situation would be more conducive to having spinal decompression at home? I think I can help you get the ball rolling. 

Without a doubt, being able to perform spinal decompression at home is the most cost-effective way. Why? For one, if you have health insurance there will be no copays. No matter how much your copay is they do add up. If you have no insurance it could be costly because this type of therapy requires several sessions. Doing this at home will save on gas money, not to mention your drive time, to and from. Best of all, you can do the Spinal decompression therapy sessions whenever you want too. 

To get you started, I put some exercises below. These are great because you can do these Spinal decompression exercises at home or anywhere else. The only thing you need is yourself. Well, one exercise does involve using a chair but I think most of us have those. Another one uses a bar like a pull-up bar. If you do not have one or access to one that’s fine. The other exercises are enough to do the job. 

If these exercises do not work for you? I have provided some products with a proven track record of helping others to relieve back pain. These are some of the best products out on the market today for Spinal decompression therapy. 

You can check out those products further down the page. Otherwise, I hope these exercises give you some pain relief!

Spinal Decompression Therapy

There are two men with no skin. You can see the muscles and ligaments This image would fall into the science category.

Exercises for Spinal Decompression at Home

Overhead Stretch

Exercise for spinal decompression at home - Woman legs crossed on the floor with arms fully extended above her head. Her hands are interlaced with the back of the hands facing the floor.

Start by standing and make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart

Bring your arms up over your head completely straight and interlace your fingers.

Stretch your arms up and hold the stretch for 30 seconds.

Repeat this 3 to 4 times.

Chair Stretch

In this spinal decompression at home stretch, a woman lays on the floor with her feet up on a chair.

Get any chair or just use a chair in your living room. 

Lay your back on the floor and get as close as you can to the chair. 

Place the lower part of your legs up on the chair. The back of your knees should be touching the chair.

You might need to scoot your back up some after putting your legs up on the chair. 

Once you are in place, stay in that position for about 5 minutes.

Hang on Bar

A lady is in shorts and tank-top. She has her arms up hanging from a bar above her head, arms fully extended. Her feet are not touching the floor.

This one might not be possible depending on your situation:

Chin up bars or any playground equipment will work as long as it is sturdy.

Reach up and grab a hold of the bar with both hands. 

Carefully, little by little, let your body hang on the bar so you feel the stretch.

Hold for 30 seconds if you can. Repeat 3 times. 

Child’s Pose

This is a spinal decompression stretch the Child's Pose.

Get on your hands and knees. Then rest your hands and knees.

You want to sit back and have your bottom resting on your heels.

Stretch your arms out in front touching the floor. Let your body relax into this position, feeling the stretch.

Hold this position for 15 seconds.

Repeat the same steps for a total of 3 times. 

Reach your arms out to the right a little and hold for 15 seconds.

Repeat the same steps for a total of 3 times. 

Reach to the right and hold for 15 seconds, repeating 3 times.

Cat and Cow Stretch

There are two pictures of a woman within this picture. On top the lady is on her hands and knees pushing her mid section downward like a cow. Below the above image, the lady is on her hands and knees again but this time her mid section is pushed up towards the ceiling like a cat.

Get on your hands and knees.

You want your knees aligned underneath your hips with your hands on the floor. 

Make sure your hands are aligned right under your shoulders.

Gradually arch your back as far as you can. At the same time, move your head down towards the floor. Stretch your head tucking it under, and try to see your knee’s. 

Go back to the start position. Let your back relax drop down towards the floor. At the same time, look up with your head stretched up as far as it will go. 

Repeat this 4 times.

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