Get a Massage Chair for a Mind-Blowing Massage!

There are a row of massage chairs.

Just think how wonderful it would be to have a massage chair in your home? I do have to admit, some of them are pretty fantastic. Nowadays, many of them are styled and created according to current trends. Most of them can easily fit into whatever motif you have in your house.  

Getting a massage chair is one of those things I have thought about getting for years. But have not followed through for a couple of reasons. I mention some of those reasons farther down on the page along with other helpful tips.  I have been dealing with chronic back pain for a long time so I would be the ideal candidate.

I have sat in many massage chairs and experienced what they had to offer. Those chairs were all different price ranges. So, you find a massage chair that you like. But before you pull the trigger and buy it, have you done your homework?

If you have thought of getting a Massage Chair, you need to think about a few things first?

  • For one, where are you going to put it? They do take up some space and some chairs are bigger than others.
  • Will the chair fit the motif of the room you are going to put the chair or could you careless?
  • Many of them are heavy, so keep that in mind if you think you might need to move the chair to another location sometime in the future.
  • A Massage Chair can be very expensive depending on which chair you buy. These chairs can cost into the thousands, ten thousand and beyond.

For me, if I were to buy a massage chair that costs ten thousand dollars? It better has wheels and an engine that will drive me where I need to go. The chair would have to be pretty amazing if I were to even consider getting one, no matter how bad my back hurt…Enough said.

Benefits of a Massage Chair

There are several business men with the text "Benefits" over the photo.

A massage chair provides more than just a good massage. There are other proven health benefits they provide. This will affect you physically and psychologically. A massage does reduce stress along with lowering your heart rate. Additionally, it lowers your blood pressure, insulin and cortisol levels. It helps your stress by causing your serotonin and dopamine to be released. 

When your serotonin is released your brain will convert that to the sleep hormone, melatonin. This can in getting a better night’s sleep. Just make sure you have the massage just before you want to go to bed. A massage will increase your production of endorphins which is your body’s “feel-good” chemical in your body. So, between serotonin and endorphins, you will be feeling pretty good after some time in a massage chair. 

Many years of research have shown that a massage does lower stress and blood pressure. These are the two major factors of heart disease. A massage can also reduce pain and muscular tension. They are especially useful for lower back pain which makes the majority problem area for back pain across the world. A Massage Chair is well known to give you some relief from many stress-related ailments like tension headaches and sore knotted up shoulders from sitting all day. 

The products below are curated based on a set of specific criteria. Such as; customer reviews, features, history, price point, and other factors. The purpose of curating the products using that formula is to save you time and money.

The following chairs are some of the best massage chairs for the average person. None of them even come close to ten thousand dollars. 

Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe

The Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair.

The Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair is a rudimentary massage chair. If you are looking to not spend a lot of money for a well-built massage chair with not a lot of frills? This chair may be just right for you?

This chair might not come with all the features that you see with more expensive massage chairs, the OS-1000 Deluxe will still deliver great massage. 

It has the top-rated Intelligent Roller System with the S-Track included.  Having a good roller system is an essential part of any massage chair. Poorly designed roller systems will result in an inadequate massage. A bad roller system can produce a painful massage. 

Intelligent 4 roller system

The Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe comes with what is referred to as the “Intelligent 4 Roller System.”

It incorporates the S-Track rollers that trace the natural curvature of your spine. That is what the “S” in S-Track represents. It produced a very effective back massage where all areas of the back are equally targeted. It has a 29 Inch Track Length that rollers will move up and down. A track length that long is quite remarkable considering the price of this chair.

Full Body Scan

All the Osaki chairs come with the Full Body Scan. This feature will execute a computerized full body scan of your body. 

When you sit in your Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe the chair’s computer system will perform a scan of your body’s entire landscape. From there, the computer will select the best superlative settings specifically customized for your body. This process is a necessity to achieve the ultimate massage.

4 Different Massage Styles

The OS-1000 Deluxe has built-in 4 different massage features:

Rolling – Processed by the Intelligent Roller System The rollers will move along your spinal cord, helping to elongate and stretch your muscles in your back and neck.

Kneading – This time, the rollers will advance along your back and neck in a circular motion. From my experiences, the kneading is what really helped me in reducing my back pain. 

Tapping –  This feature lightly performs tapping on your body which helps improve circulation and release tension.

Air Massage – you will see this referred to as “air compression” with many other massage chairs. This chair comes with 20 airbags that are full of compressed air. Those bags will firmly squish around your muscles like jello. The majority of the airbags in this chair are located in the lower part. This process will provide a soothing compression massage.

5 Auto Programs

You will not have to worry about learning to program with manual settings, you’ll be pleased to know that the OS-1000 has 5 automatic programs to choose from and those are Neck/Shoulder, Back/Lumbar, Therapy, Health Care, and Full Body Relax. If you really want a straightforward massage chair that’s easy to use, then the OS-1000 is the chair for you. 

Seat & Calves Vibrating Massage

The Osaki 1000 Massage Chair Air Bag & Vibration Massage.

It provides the additional feature of vibrating for both the seat and calves. This aids in providing additional attention to those areas for loosening any tight muscles.

Multiple Color Choices

There are the 3 different Osaki OS 1000 Deluxe Massage Chairs.

The Osaki OS 1000 gives you the option to select from 3 different colors of black, brown, and cream. When selecting a color, keep in mind where you are planning to put the chair in your home. What color will look the best in that room?

Smaller Than Most Massage Chairs

The OS 1000 is 48” high, 29” wide, and 45” deep when it is in its upright position. Then 48” high, 29” wide, 72” deep when in the reclined position. This chair is much smaller compared to most other massage chairs on the market. If space is an issue this could be the best option.

Changing the Roller Width

There are 3 different roller width settings that you have to choose from. They are narrow, medium, and wide. The “wide” works your muscles along your sides, lats, and back.

Narrow will reduce tension and pain in the central area of your back.

Easy to Use Remote Control

This is the remote for the Osaki OS 1000 Deluxe Massage Chair.

The remote control along with the entire design is extremely user-friendly. You will not be reaching for the instructions every time you want to use the chair. Unfortunately, the remote is not wireless. On the flip side, you never have to worry about losing.

Easy Mobility

The Osaki OS 1000 massage chair is very mobile. It comes furnished with caster wheels which make it easy to move. This is something you really should know prior to purchasing any massage chair. Depending on the chair, some of them can be quite heavy well over 300lbs.

This chair weighs 265lbs. Can you imagine trying to move it without wheels? Let’s say you decide to move your furniture around the room you have your massage chair. Even trying to move the massage chair within the same room could be a difficult task without caster wheels.

The OS-1000 doesn’t come with any healing elements. This is rare, even for less expensive chairs like this one. Having a heating element is usually standard for a massage chair. For me, having heat is very important in helping to reduce back pain.

This chair does not come with a kneading foot roller. Your lower extremities will be massaged by the air compression “Air Massage” feature.

The Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair is a great chair for the price. If you are looking for a simple straight forward massage chair at a low price, this chair is for you. 

Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair

Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair.

The Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair includes many features that you would find in chairs that or more expensive. 

Zero Gravity with 2 Positions

The Osaki OS-4000T comes with 2 zero gravity settings. When it comes to the zero-gravity feature the true zero gravity position is at a 30-degree seat tilt with a 120-degree articulation that is between the seat, and the chair back. However, the Osaki OS-4000T comes with a second zero gravity position. This position is a  deeper recline and seat tilt. This second position is not considered to be true zero gravity. But if you want a deeper recline to go further back while using the chair. You have will have that option.

Demo Auto Program

Many massage chairs will come with a Demo Auto Program among their other programs.  It’s like the name suggests its “Demo” which consists of a shorter program that lets you taste test so to speak, all the different programs the chair has to offer.

Electric Ottoman Extension

The ottoman is built with an electronic extension mechanism for lengthening and shortening the ottoman automatically. This can be easily accomplished by the person in the chair by a push of the toes forward against the built-in sensor. Once you are at the length that is right for your legs, the extension will automatically stop.

Re-Engineered Air Massage Technology

Osaki has worked to re-engineer and develop the next generation of air massage technology. They have streamlined their air massager to a lower count. They have been able to reduce the total number of airbags. At the same time, they have increased the volume and surface area of massage. By reworking this technology,  the total number of working valves has been drastically reduced from their prior model. This puts less stress on the chair. In turn, making it one of the most mechanically sound massage chairs.

The OS-4000T comes with 38 airbags that cover all the areas that are not massaged by the roller system. These areas include inside the neck/head pillow, waist & hips, inside the seat, the outer shoulders, arms, and calves. The back rollers along with the airbag system make this system a full body massage chair. 

Shoulder and Hips Airbags

This image shows a graphic of the Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair. On the left is a chart with locations amount of air bags for each.

When you are looking to purchase a massage chair with these features you need to consider the width between the shoulder and hip airbags. The reason being is everyone carries their weight differently. For instance, if a man has a 52″ chest it could be a problem for him when he tries to fit his upper body between the two shoulder airbag area.  

Another instance, a heavy-set person who carries their weight in their lower body could find it difficult to fit between the hip airbags. The width between the shoulder airbags is 21” and the hip airbags is 18″. This might be too restrictive for some people.

Newly Designed Foot Rollers

This chair has 2 rows of spinning reflexology massagers located on the bottom of the foot area. These massagers provide a very soothing feeling from the kneading style. While the rollers spin, it will work to stimulate your acupuncture points. In addition, there are airbags that inflate and deflate simultaneously on the sides of your feet. Then push the bottoms of your feet into closer contact with the foot rollers. This will produce a much deeper foot sole roller massage. If you often have sore and tired feet, you will love this feature!

Air & Vibration Arm Massage

This chair features a durable spandex pocket that allows you to massage your arms and hands. The bottom portion of the arm massager is lined with small rubber bumps for invigorating your senses. Just sit back and relax while the airbags compress on the top and bottom of your forearms and hands. I have to tell you this feels awesome on your arms and hands. If spend a lot of time at the desk or on a computer your wrists and hands get very sore? I know mine do. I really noticed a big difference in my wrists and hands after using this feature.

Simple Intuitive Remote Control

This is the remote for the Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair.

The remote control is very simple and visceral to use. If you have trouble seeing smaller objects especially on screens? This remote has a large display along with large buttons that are easy to see. This chair comes with a mini wireless remote that detaches from the main remote. This allows you to maintain control over the chairs features while you are fully reclined. 

When I viewed this chair in person the remote display screen (plus the mini remote) was plenty big enough to see the features that are displayed. This is something you do not always see when it comes to the remote display screens.

Computer Body Scan

The chair is equipped with a Computer Body Scan technology. This allows the rollers to map the curvature of your back with even more accuracy. This translates into making for a more precise massage that covers all the crucial areas. Depending on your height and weight, the system will make small adjustments for a custom massage experience.

Movable Intelligent Massage Robot

It is ergonomically designed and molded with the human spine in mind. The S-Track Robot will support your neck, back, a lumbar area in tandem with your body curve. This will increase the efficiency of your massage.

Lower Back Heat Therapy

The OS-4000T has a lower back feature consisting of two heating pads that will heighten your massage experience. It has been medically proven that lumbar heat therapy can give you relief if you are suffering from lower back pain. The heat will increase your body’s oxygen flow, assisting in healing damaged tissue. The heat therapy additionally compels your lower back to press more against the backrest producing a more robust and profound massage.

Five Levels of Speed and Intensity

There are 5 levels for controlling the air intensity of the airbags. You have the option of choosing from mild to strong for both your back and lower body. The roller heads can be extended outwards causing the rollers to press more firmly along the back. If you need a more rigorous massage for your back this feature will do the job.

You can adjust the speed in which the massage heads move. There are 3 different speeds that range from slow to fast.

Comes in a Variety Colors

There are 4 different colored Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chairs.

Three Width Adjustable Settings

Take your pick from Narrow, Medium & Wide settings. The wider setting will make the massage heads concentrate on your outer shoulders and back. choose the narrower setting to make the massage heads move closer together near the middle of your back.

Auto Leg Scan

The calf and foot massager can automatically make adjustments based on your individual leg length. This ensures that the massage airbags will focus on the right areas. When you sit down in the chair to start your massage, the chair will fully extend out and then retract. Once the foot massager has arrived at the correct length, simply press down with your toes to tell the chair to stop.

6 Unique Auto Programs

The chair comes with 6 preprogrammed features. You have the default massage setting of Muscle Relief, Stretching, Back/Lumbar, Neck/Shoulder, Thai, Anti-stress, and Demo.

6 Customized Massage Styles

Those styles include Shiatsu, Swedish, Rolling, Combo, Kneading and Clapping.

You Can Pinpoint Your Massage

Your options are:

  • Full Body Massage. 
  • Target a portion of your body. 
  • Focus on a fixed area of your body.
  • Auto Timer
This image showcases the Osaki 4000T Massage Chair's Zero Gravity, S-Track and Hand-like massage using rollers.

You can pre-program 5-30 minutes of usage with the OS-4000T. The duration of the massage can be increased by 5-minute increments, totaling 30 minutes. Osaki put this setting into place as a safeguard. If you happen to fall asleep, the chair will stop running.

The OS-4000T is your “all-in-one mid-strength massage chair” that focuses on your neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, lumbar, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves and feet.

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair with a lading sitting back in it.

Osaki refers to the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair this massage chair as the most human-like massage chair they have created. It features their recently enhanced 3D massage rollers. The rollers are specifically designed to massage wider and deeper than most massage chair rollers.

3D Massage Technology

The OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair showing its massage technology.

Their 3D technology enables you to extend the massage heads. You have the ability to extend the heads up to 8cm (3.15 inches). This will produce a mild to deep tissue massage. There are five different levels for the 3D intensity. They range from normal to very strong. This 3D technology will reach and massage acupuncture points to deliver precision and depth. Ultimately resulting in a phenomenal massage!

2 Stage Zero Gravity

The OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair. The image shows this chairs 2 stage zero gravity.

The Zero Gravity position was Introduced by NASA more than 2 decades ago. The OS-3D Pro Dreamer provides 2 Zero Gravity reclining positions. The first position is when your legs are placed above your heart and your weight is evenly distributed throughout the chair. This Zero Gravity position will relieve pressure on your spine, relax your neck and back, increase your circulation and blood oxygen levels, along with expanding your lung capacity.

The 2nd position has you in a more steeper pitch. During this Zero Gravity position, your legs are up higher than your heart for a highly effective therapeutic experience.

2nd Generation S-Track

Twin quad roller heads replicate the feel of human hands. It moves along a 31” massage track that uses the S-track technology. This technology is developed to follow the shape of your spine.  It has been perfected to work better than ever. Using this S-track technology, the massage heads will travel from your neck down to your tailbone with more precise accuracy than other competing high-end massage chairs.

Acupoint Technology

Your body has roughly 350 acupoints, and about 100 are in your back and neck. The deep tissue Kneading to the Swedish massage, the OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair has a variety of techniques to target your acupoints with prodigious accuracy.

Computer Body Scan GPS

A map of your back (up to 200 sq. inches) is created, using it’s pressure sensors technology that is generated from the 3D point navigation system. This technology delivers the ultimate massage with accuracy and efficiency. The 3D Zero Gravity system will scan your back to deliver a massage that is shaped to the unique spine curve and height of anyone who sits down in this massage chair. It has “floating” massage heads float over your back and intelligently knows the areas where to massage and where not to.

Foot Rollers

This shows a look from the side foot rollers of the OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair.
These are the foot rollers for the OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair.

The OS-3D Pro Dreamer has implemented the reflexology technology along with mechanical rollers that spin activating pressure points while kneading the soles of your feet. This foot roller will massage and work out any tension from your worn-out feet.  At the same time, it will stimulate circulation. This feature can be found along the bottom of the foot ottoman,

Air Compression Massage

The OS-3D Pro Dreamer has 48 air compression bags. Each one has been specifically placed throughout the chair. Their purpose is to get to the areas that the roller track can’t reach. The locations include the sides of your feet, calves, buttocks, lumbar area, waist/hips, arms & palms, outer shoulders, and neck. 

These airbags work as one with the 31” roller track to administer a one of a kind stretch program amid the 8 auto programs and manual settings. The airbags have 5 strength settings to choose from with a range from light to a strong air massage.

Waist and Hip Air Massagers

You have 2 airbags on each side of the waist area that inflates, squeezing your waist and massaging that area. When the airbags are inflated they massage the sides of your back placing you firmly in the chair. This makes for a deeper back roller massage.

The seat and hips area has 6 airbags that inflate, squeezing your hips inwards. This is soft air stimulation that is used to stretch those hard-to-reach hip muscles.

Upper Shoulder Air Massagers

This chair has two large airbags that are located in the outer shoulder area of the chair. They work by squeezing the muscles in that area. You also get a deeper tissue massage from some of the airbags that pin your shoulders into the backrest. It’s common for tension to build up in the outer shoulder area. The airbags offer much-needed relief to this often overlooked area of the body.

Arm & Hand Air Massagers

This shows the arm & air massagers for the OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair.

The OS-3D Pro Dreamer has created pockets specifically for placing your arms. There are multiple airbags lined up on the top and bottom of the pockets. They inflate and deflate, applying a compression massage along your forearms and hands.

Foot & Calf Air Massagers

There are multiple airbags that line the sides and back of the legs and feet. The airbags inflate and deflate, applying a revitalizing and thorough foot massage. In addition, there are 4-foot airbags that massage the acupuncture points in both of your feet. Plus, there are 10 V-shaped calf airbags that are solely designed to cover all the right spots delivery a compelling massage.

Lumar Heating

The chair has dual heating pads in the lower lumbar region. It can provide relief if you suffer from lower back pain. The process increases the oxygen flow which helps to heal any damaged tissue. This is something that worked well for me when I was in one of these chairs. It reduced my back and was very soothing. The heat therapy will force your lower back to press more firmly against the backrest. Resulting in a tenacious and penetrating massage.

MP3 Player Connection

The OS-3D Pro Dreamer has a 3.5mm aux jack for connecting to a smartphone, a music player or any device to play music during your massage. There are speakers mounted in the head area along the side of the backrest. The chair includes an automated Music Sync program, that will synchronize the beat of the music with the massage vibration located inside the seat.

8 Auto Massage Programs

The OS-3D Pro Dreamer provides eight pre-set automatic massage programs that have the ability to integrate multiple massage techniques. This includes the airbag massage and 3D roller technology for delivering an exceptional full body massage.

The list of auto programs are listed below:

Recovery: This program incorporates the different massage modes to adequately massage your back, neck and lower back. 

Anti-Stress: The program targets neck fatigue. It digs into that stress after a long day by using the Rolling, Tapping, Kneading, Shiatsu, and Swedish modes.

Muscle Relief: You will begin with a slow Kneading and heavyTapping massage. Then switching to a very in-depth massage that focuses on your neck and lower back region. This program is principally compelling at reducing your lower back muscle aches and fatigue.

Wake Up: Start your day with a light invigorating Tapping massage throughout your entire body. This will make your body to feel renewed and revitalized.

Full Air: This program targets your entire body with a full body air pressure massage to your feet, calves, thighs, buttocks, lower back, shoulder, arm, palms, neck, and head.

Music Sync: It synchronizes the rhythm of the music with the vibration of the massage. 

Quick: If you are in a hurry this program will give you a quick eight-minute exhilarating massage.

Using Massage Techniques & Custom Controls

This schematic shows the different features of the OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair.

From the remote control’s manual settings, you have the option to select from one of the six roller massage techniques. Those consist of Tapping, Rolling, Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Shiatsu and Rolling.

You also have the option to adjust the strength of the airbags from 5 different settings. The width of the rollers has 3 settings and those are narrow, medium and wide. There is an option to adjust the depth of the 3D rollers from 6 settings. You can customize the speed of the rollers from 5 different settings.

The OS-3D Pro Dreamer includes a great “spot” feature for targeting a region or point on your back with the rollers. If you have a particular area on your back that you want the rollers to target? This feature will more than get the job done for you. 

Just flip open the lid at the bottom of the remote to access the manual mode. Then, select the massage type, speed, intensity, and location. For more control, you can select independently which airbags you would like to deploy.

Easy to Use Remote Control

The remote for the OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair.

The OS-3D Pro Dreamer’s remote control is easy to use despite the astounding amount of auto programs and customizations at your fingertips. There is a large LCD display at the top of the handheld for displaying the actions of the massage chair. It shows the time remaining, the type of massage you are applying, range of massage, intensity, speed, and more.

Unique Foot Stretch Massage

The foot ottoman will slowly extend forward and pull down your legs, while the airbags inflate and firmly grasp the calves, culminating an unparalleled foot stretch program.

Auto Timer

The OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair. It shows its auto timer.

You can set the timer to run from 5-30 minutes for all of the chair’s programs. This safety measure what put in place to ensure that if you fall asleep, the programs will not keep running. Resulting in an over massaged body that could make you very sore believe it or not.

Chromotherapy Lights

There are LED blue ambient lights located on the side panels that create a chromo-therapeutic environment in a low lit room.

Color Options

This image shows 4 of the OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair's and the different colors you can get it in.

Auto Computer Leg Scan

The calf and foot massager can make adjustments according to your leg length. This ensures that the massage air bags are targeting the correct areas. Prior to the massage beginning, your legs will extend out and then retract. A tap to the sensor on the top of the foot ottoman will indicate to the chair that it has arrived at your desired length. If the length isn’t correct, you can use the remote to manually extend or shorten the length.

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