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Massage Chair – My name is Drew Conroy, and I created “Back Pain Remedies”. I am just one (maybe you?) of the many of people around the world who are dealing with back pain. I have had Chronic Back Pain for many years and still do currently. My list of back-related treatments, therapies, and procedures runs long. From topical creams to tens therapy, spinal fusion to nerve ablations and much more. If there is a treatment for back pain, chances are I have mostly likely tried it. But what about a massage chair?

Just think how wonderful it would be to have a massage chair in your home? I do have to admit, some of them are pretty fantastic. Now a days, many of them are styled and created according to current trends. Most of them can easily fit into whatever motif you have in your home.  

Getting a massage chair is one of those things I have thought about getting for years. But have not followed through for a couple of reasons. I mention some of those reasons farther down on the page along with other helpful tips. 

I have sat in many massage chairs and experienced what they had to offer. Those chairs were all different price ranges. So, you find a massage chair that you like. But before you pull the trigger and buy it, have you done your homework?

If You Have Thought of Getting a Massage Chair, You Need to Think About a Few Things First.

  • For one, where are you going to put it? They do take up some space and some chairs are bigger than others. 
  • Will the chair fit the motif of the room you are going to put the chair or could you careless? 
  • Many of them are heavy, so keep that in mind if you think you might need to move the chair to another location sometime in the future.
  • A massage chair can be very expensive depending on which chair you buy. These chairs can cost into the thousands, even ten thousand and beyond.

For me, if I were to buy a massage chair that costs ten thousand dollars? It better have wheels and an engine that will drive me where I need to go. The chair would have to be pretty amazing if I were to even consider getting one, no matter how bad my back hurt…Enough said.

Benefits of a Massage Chair


A massage chair provides more than just a good massage. There are other proven health benefits they provide. This will affect you physically and psychologically. A massage does reduce stress along with lowering your heart rate. Additionally, it lowers your blood pressure, insulin and cortisol levels. It helps your stress by causing your serotonin and dopamine to be released. 

When your serotonin is released your brain will convert that to the sleep hormone, melatonin. This can help in getting a better night’s sleep. Just make sure you have the massage before you want to go to bed. A massage will increase your production of endorphins which is your body’s “feel-good” chemical. So, between the serotonin and the endorphins, you will be feeling very good after some time in a massage chair. 

Many years of research have shown that a massage does lower stress and blood pressure. These are the two major factors of heart disease. A massage can also reduce pain and muscular tension. They are especially useful for lower back pain, which is the most common area for back pain across the world. A massage chair is well known to give you some relief from many stress-related ailments like tension headaches and sore knotted up shoulders from sitting all day. 

The products below are curated based on a set of specific criteria. Such as; customer reviews, features, history, price point, and other factors. The purpose of curating the products using that formula is to save you time and money.

The following chairs are some of the best massage chairs for the average person. None of them even come close to ten thousand dollars.

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

This Massage chair comes with different massage options and Intensities. There are 4 preset auto massage programs such as relaxing, sleep, mild, strong mode and mild. Each one of these programs has 4 different kinds of massage speeds and intensities. This gives you options and depending on your day you will need the choice of different massages. For example, if you have a stressful day you would more likely want an intense massage. 

As I mentioned above, a massage chair can run into thousands of dollars but this chair has the same features while not burning a hole in your wallet. Those features are a zero gravity design, seat vibration, heating function, a full-body airbag, and foot roller.

This comes with an armrest link system which will give your arms comfort when you recline. It also has embedded arm clips. If you press the zero-gravity button on the remote you will feel virtually weightless.

You can customize your massage with the remote and specify certain areas based on your needs. There is a timer that will allow you to have an uninterrupted massage for up to 30 minutes. Additionally, there are three levels of airbags along with a roller massage. The remote comes with an array of other features for added comfort.

When it turns off, you do not need to get up. This is a comfortable reclining chair that can be used as a recliner for sleeping. This chair can handle a weight capacity of up to 400lbs and a height limit of 6’1″ feet.

The chair sits on 2 wheels for easy movement. The two-movement wheels in the back allow you to recline and be able to push it. It’s very easy to move and this portability makes this massage chair easy to move. This is a multi-functional massage chair that can provide relief to your body pains, tense muscles, and sore areas.

There is a built-in waist and foot heater that can help improve your circulation and metabolism. For your calves and feet, they can be massaged by the air compression, airbags, and roller for your feet. There is also a built-in heater for your feet. The neck, waist and back roller massage has 8 massage points inside the backrest. The roller speed can easily be adjusted and the rollers rotate in the same direction. This is great for relieving stress and pain.

The seat vibration and airbags massage your hips which will make it feel like someone’s hands pressing, and kneading your hips. The arms and shoulder airbag massagers will provide long-lasting relief as well.

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

This is the most expensive chair I have listed but for good reason. When it comes to massage chairs, Kahuna is very well-known. This company has been around since 1997 and has provided quality products since then. The recliner LH6800 is one of the top chairs out on the market today.

There is an extended L-track that makes it possible for you to achieve 3 zero-gravity positions. To achieve these positions you need to recline the chair putting your legs up higher than your heart, this promotes good blood flow.

It has air-cell technology that will blanket your entire body. This will aid in providing pain relief. These air cells were created to penetrate your body on its own, making it possible for you to stretch and savor your massage.

Feel the ultimate pleasure with a state of the art computerized body scanner that can scan your body size and customize your massage to fit your needs. Additionally, the kahuna comes with its own signature yoga stretching program that enables your body to fully stretch. 

The SH-Chiro system is included with this chair and it’s designed to focus on your spinal cord. It helps to unload your nerve energy.This allows it to move better all over your body, releasing spinal pressure.

The only problem with this chair is that it is on the expensive side. However, it comes loaded with all the assets a massage chair could offer. Yes, it does come with many customer reviews, which are more positive than negative. What stands out for me is the Kahuna long-standing frequency to deliver quality products year after year.

The Real Relax Massage Chair

Shiatsu Massage is a popular massage therapy. This Shiatsu technique began in Japan and is one of the traditional Japanese treatments. The known benefits are to help with back and neck pain, bronchitis, sinusitis, joint problems, sprains, Arthritis, and Sciatica.

If you were to hire a professional to perform the Shiatsu Massage, they would need to use their fingers, thumbs, and palms to apply the pressure needed to cover your entire body, healing common ailments. The pressure is targeted to specific points for allowing energy to flow and correct all of the dissonances. In addition, this massage chair includes the zero-gravity effect of “floating in space” like feel.  

There is a remote control that allows you to enjoy your massage chair while relaxing, without having to worry about getting up to make changes. The remote has a high-def VFD screen for the display. This makes it easy to see the settings on the screen. 

This is a recliner chair that can blend into any living room. When you are not using this chair as a massager, it converts into a recliner sofa. You can sit back and enjoy it like you would with any recliner. I know I have fallen asleep in one of these chairs before. 

It has a built-in heater for your waste and feet area that you can use to improve your metabolism and circulation. This adds yet another layer of comfort. 

Lastly, it has a back and hip massager that vibrates. This is one of several functions that you can get with this massage chair. For elderly people that suffer from pain, they will really appreciate this massage chair. 


Full Body Massage Chair + 3yr Warranty. Electric Zero Gravity

This is an ultra-modern massage chair that was produced in 2018. This chair is very affordable compared to the others I have seen or used.

This is a full-body massage chair that covers your entire body helping you feel totally relaxed from a physical and mental standpoint. There are eight massaging points enclosed inside the backrest. You will feel completely soothed from head to toe.

The chair has 50 airbags scattered throughout the chair. This guarantees an awesome massage every time you sit down and turn it on.

The heating system built into this chair will help your blood circulation with a constant temperature-controlled environment. In comes with 4 presets along with pre-programmed massage programs that will offer you different massage choices for lasting unsurpassed results.

It’s an ergonomically built massage chair with fine attention to details. Built with upholstery and additional soft materials, this is a chair you will never want to leave. 

This top-notch roller massage system makes your feet feel wonderful as well, along with the rest of your body. If you happen to be taller, the footrests can easily be extended to accommodate your height. To top things off,  it has built-in Hi-Fi speakers along with Bluetooth connectivity.


Real Relax 3D Massage Chair Recliner

If you are looking for something a little different this is a good choice. This chair has the zero-gravity feature which is great modern feature. This is a function that all massage chairs should include but they do not. The zero-gravity is a reclining experience that you will never forget once you have tried it. The zero-gravity function will be very beneficial to your massage. 

For instance, imagine an astronaut sitting in his seat, getting ready for lift-off. They are specifically placed in a certain seated position that allows their body weight to be distributed evenly. This is in order to have their bodies manage the stress during lift-off and their trip. That same premise is applied to this massage chair.  

When you sit in the chair and then recline it to a zero-gravity position. Your legs should be up and above your heart. This position will allow you to have better blood flow from your legs, in turn, helping to reduce any swelling or pain. Additionally, it will give your heart a break. 

The backrest does a good job by covering your entire spine, applying pressure to alleviate your back pain. The chair includes a built-in heater that will additionally help with your blood flow while relishing in a nice and toasty massage. The airbags and foot rollers provide what is known as a Thai type of scraping massage that should relax any tension in your feet. They have placed the airbags in the hips, shoulders and legs areas for a more intense massage.

If you happen to be taller than 6.1 this chair might not be for you.

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Everyone does not have enough money for a massage chair. You may not want to invest the extra cost that generally comes with these types of chairs. This is where the Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager might be for you?

This massager has the ability to be used on any chair you want because it’s actually a massage cushion. It will fit perfectly into almost any chair. The only reason I say “almost” is there are those very rare odd-shaped chairs it may not fit as well in. As I said, it can be used on most chairs in your house like a sofa, kitchen chair, or even in your car as you take a road trip. There are many massage features this product offers like kneading, rolling, and spot massages.

It comes with four neck massage nodes for providing a deep-kneading shiatsu therapeutic massage. You can completely customize your neck area with these nodes. It enables you to change the rotation and direction of the massage specifically where you want it. Like the moving the nodes up and down your back.

There is a heating function that really helps in soothing your body. The heat will help your muscles relax and make for better blood circulation. It does come with built-in heat protection. If you happen to fall asleep while the heat function is on. The overheat protection has a 15-minute shut off capability, ensuring it shuts off. 

It comes with a remote control for total control of all of the features for convenience. It may not be an actual massage chair but it’s still very impressive and you can not beat the cost. 

Real Relax Favor 05 Massage Chair

This massage chair could be considered the Cadillac of massage chairs. Even though this chair is pricey you can not help but want to try it out when you see it.

Just about every massage chair will have either an L or S track. This chair comes with a great S track. The S track is actually the sinusoidal track. It’s shaped very similarly to the human spine. It allows the rollers to span your spine moving up and down your body following your spinal curvatures. Having this movement makes it possible for you to get the best results of this massage chair which is pain alleviation and pressure relief.

The chair has a built-in heater that expands from your buttocks area to your waist, along with a vibration function that will relax you in no time.

There are foot rollers that can be used while you are sitting in the chair. It’s pretty simple, just place your feet on the rollers and they will do the job for you giving a Thai type of massage. This alleviates any pressure and pain your feet may be experiencing.

It comes with six preset programs such as stretch, strong, Thai, relax, Chinese, and waist. Between those six programs, you will have no problem finding something that will fit your needs.

I think the best feature this chair has is the Zero-gravity function. It reclines to a zero-gravity position, elevating your feet to a level above your heart. This relieves pressure and reduces any pain.  

One thing to keep in mind is that its made compatible for people up to 6’1″. It does not mean you can not use the chair but it might not be as accommodating

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