#1 Pain Relief Patches for Reaching Zen

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Pain Relief Patches – My name is Drew Conroy, and I created “Back Pain Remedies”. I have been plagued by chronic back pain for years and still do to this day. My list of back related treatments, therapies and procedures runs long. From topical cremes to tens therapy, spinal fusion to nerve ablations. If there is a treatment for back pain, chances are I have used it one time or another. Back Pain Remedies serves as a resource for people with back problems. More specifically, those dealing with the pain and discomfort.

The curated Amazon products listed below are based on calculated data like price point, customer reviews, features, history, the best value, and other factors. I do not write reviews/overviews for Products that have a poor rating based on those factors. The purpose of this rating system is to help you save money, time, and weed out the products that provide no Back Pain Relief.

I have used some of the pain relief patches below and I did get some relief when I used them. For me, it helped because my back muscles were knotting up. I like the fact the products are cheap compared to other ways that are much more costly.  As I have said/wrote several times before, what works from one person might not work for the next. But then again it could work for the next 10 people. You just never know?

Thanks again for reading and if you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to send me a message. pain relief patches

Pain Relief Patches for Back Pain

#1 Pain Relief Patches for Reaching Zen#1 Pain Relief Patches for Reaching Zen

Salonpas LIDOCAINE Pain Relieving Maximum Strength Gel 15Patch

The Salonpas topical pain relief products are designed for relieving sore aching backs and sore muscles. They are said to be the only one to provide an OTC pain patch that is FDA approved along with clinically proven.

The “Salonpas DEEP Relieving Gel” is applied by rubbing it into your skin where you are feeling pain. The pain relief is supposed to last up to 8 hours. These patches are cold when you first apply them but then they get hot. The reason for this is because they use the ingredient capsaicin.

This gel is a nice alternative to something like Advil or Tylenol for pain. I know for me, I can only take Advil every now and then because it bothers my stomach. By applying the gel patch right at the pain site you can avoid stomach problems. 

Especially, if you lead an active life and do any form of exercise or sports it’s nice to be able to slap on one of these gel patches at the end of the day for relief. 

#1 Pain Relief Patches for Reaching Zen#1 Pain Relief Patches for Reaching Zen

LUMINAS Pain Relief Patches (24 Pack)

The Luminas patch provides a tranquilizing feeling for your sore muscles. This will reduce the inflammation making the pain go away. Luminas lasts up to 24 Hours of Pain Relief for your Neck, Joints, Back, and Hips. With most muscle pain the discomfort is from inflammation. That is why the majority of consumers will use pain medication. When you use pain medication it can take some time to be absorbed into the body. So you have to wait to get that pain relief. 

The Luminas pain relief patch reduces inflammation in the muscles. You will feel a major difference in your pain level within a few minutes. This product contains no chemicals or drugs and actually will nourish your body with natural remedies. There are several patches on the market that will help with inflammation. Luminas are different because they use natural remedies such as Vitamin D and Turmeric.

Luminas claims their pain relief patches are based on Quantum Physics. This process uses more than 200 natural remedies. The natural remedies they use are Ginger, Arnica, Vitamin D, B-Complex, Magnesium, Turmeric, and Bioperine. Once you put the patch on, it is instantly absorbed by the skin to begin providing that pain relief. You can keep the patch on for 24 hours. Unlike with med’s where you have to take them every 4 to 6 hours.  Not all supplements and therapeutic products are registered with the FDA like Luminas. This Luminas product is categorized as a Class I Medical Device.

The Luminas pain relief patch can be used on any part of the body. However, depending on the body part there will be different instructions for each. Common parts of the body where this patch is applied: knee, shin, foot, ankle, lower back, hip, calf, Achilles, hand, and wrist.

#1 Pain Relief Patches for Reaching Zen#1 Pain Relief Patches for Reaching Zen

Icy Hot Lidocaine Patch Plus Menthol 5 Count

If you compare Icy Hot patches with the Salonpas product, they are created with 7.5% of the active ingredients versus 6% with Salonpas. In recent years Icy Hot has increased their dosage with the patch. As a result, they now work much more effectively. 

Icy Hot will work for soreness, dull aches and chronic pain. The problem when using oral medications, is they only take care of the pain. This leaves you hanging with sore joints and muscles. People who currently us Ice Hot say the patch helps them to relieve pain and along with the soreness. In turn, makes this patch much more effective. 

Icy Hot has that distinctive smell that anyone who has used or has been around it will recognize. One complaint that comes up most often when using this patch is that it does not always stay in place for some people. It has been said that the manufacturers have added more medication to the patch causing it to slide. If the patch slides off completely the medication might not have enough time to take effect. 

My experience: I used these patches a long time ago. At the time I had bulging and ruptured discs. The patches did help some with the pain. I had no problems with the patches sliding around. I am aware of the comments about the extra medication being applied to the current patches. If you put a patch on and then decide to move it. Make sure the area you want to apply the patch has no medication and is dry. 

#1 Pain Relief Patches for Reaching Zen#1 Pain Relief Patches for Reaching Zen

This pain relief patch is known for being an industry leader. It is said to be the very best if you have a stiff neck, backache, joint pain, and sore shoulders. This patch will also work for arthritis, bruises, strains, and sprains. They can last up to 8 hours containing 6% of the active ingredient.

They come in a very large size which can be convenient. This allows for customization of the patch forming it to your exact needs. Fitting whatever part of the body that needs pain relief.  Common uses of this product are to cut the patches into strips or custom sizes to fit your needs. By doing this you are not wasting any of the product which in turn saves the medication.

This patch uses 3 different ingredients combined with other benefits for fast-acting pain relief. The ingredients include methyl salicylate, Menthol, and Camphor. You should always look at the ingredients for every product you are considering using. Especially, if you are allergic to anything. The last thing anyone needs is to have an allergic reaction.

If you are someone who does like to take oral anti-inflammatory medications or can’t for any reason. The great thing with this patch is it only applies the pain medication on the exact spot where you have placed the patch.

Remember, all medications can work differently for different people. But I think you should know that some people have reported that this patch only lasts at the most 8 hours. Others have said that they need to apply the patches up to 8 different times every day. This product is sticky and will stay in place. However, before applying, you must thoroughly wash the area where you applied the patch. The area must also be dry. As with all medications, make sure you read the directions before using it. 

If you need relief for minor aches and pains, Salonpas patches are a good choice. If your pain is more intense you might want to use a different option. All in all, these patches are a good choice for minor pain relief and are inexpensive.

#1 Pain Relief Patches for Reaching Zen#1 Pain Relief Patches for Reaching Zen

Tiger Balm Patch, Pain Relieving Patch, 4"x2.75", 5-Count Packages (Pack of 6)

The Tiger Balm Patch combines a blend of herbal ingredients for fast-acting pain relief. The patches provide lasting pain relief for hours with minimal odor. The odor fades after about 15 minutes. The patches are not at all messy and no worries when it comes to staining your clothes. 

It is a “ventilated hydrogel” that is designed to contour the body to deliver pain relief without additional discomfort. It comes with pull-and-peel protective film making it easy to apply but more importantly easy to remove. This patch does come in large if needed for larger body parts. That is convenient for lower back pain. You can find the Tiger Balm Patch in each size with the reusable zip pouch for easy storage. 

Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch is specifically targeted for temporary relief of minor aches and pains such as; your lower back, muscle strains, joints, arthritis, and other body areas.  It comes with the active ingredients of Menthol at 24 mg, Camphor at 80mg, and Capsicum Extract at 16 mg per patch. The inactive ingredients include eucalyptus oil, mentha oil, aluminum glycinate, kaolin, glycerin, polysorbate 80, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, propylene glycol, sodium polyacrylate, hydrotalcite, polyacrylic acid solution, sorbitol solution, and water. 

When you apply this patch the active ingredients are quickly absorbed by the skin entering the bloodstream. Giving temporary relief lasting several hours. When you first put on the Tiger Balm Patch you feel a warm soothing feeling to the applied area. Since there are no messy ingredients to worry about. The patches can easily be worn under clothing. 

For best results, apply to clean and dry skin. If there is any moisture on your skin this will cause the ingredients to intensify. You want to make sure you wash hands right after you apply the patch and avoid touching your eyes.

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