Lower Back Stretches

Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain – Millions of people across the globe suffer from back pain. Lower back pain alone takes up a good percentage of that. Studies have shown that stretching will ease your lower back pain. If you are suffering from lower back pain the following lower back stretches can help give… Read More »Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Stretches

Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Stretches Cat and Camel The Cat-Camel stretch is one of those lower back stretches that works on your shoulders, chest, and neck. To do the Cat-Camel stretch, follow these steps: 1. Start on the floor or even on a bed if it’s more comfortable with your hands right under your shoulders. If you… Read More »Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Massage Tools

Homedic Massagers | Release the Stress

Cordless SHIATSUTALK™ Voice Controlled Massager As you probably have noticed by now that HoMedics makes a lot of massage tools. This is one of their best sellers. The HoMedics® Cordless SHIATSUTALK™ Voice-Controlled Neck and Shoulder Massager do a great job of kneading deep into your muscles to loosen up those knotted muscle tissues.  It comes… Read More »Homedic Massagers | Release the Stress

This is a Deep Tissue Massager that looks like a gun.

Deep Tissue Massager Reviews

Deep Tissue Massager Reviews – I have been dealing with Chronic Back Pain for several years and still do today.   When you have knots built up in your back or anywhere else on your body for that matter, the pain can be unbearable. My chronic back pain is like a never-ending roller coaster ride. … Read More »Deep Tissue Massager Reviews

Electric Massager

Best Electric Back Massager

Core Products Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Electric Massager The Jeanie Rub Massager® has been an Industry Standard for Professionals since 1966. I had one of these until I had moved years ago. I had moved but the Jeannie Rub apparently didn’t? Anyway, it worked great This original Jeanie Rub Electric Massager® can deliver an exhilarating… Read More »Best Electric Back Massager