Man with Back Brace

Brace for Back Pain Relief

Brace for Back Pain Relief – I am a chronic back pain sufferer like so many others around the world.  My journey down the road of back pain began in 1997 and unfortunately, I am still dealing with it still today. Through the years I have experienced many procedures and used several back pain products. … Read More »Brace for Back Pain Relief

Woman is wearing a Posture Brace.

Comfort Posture Corrector Brace

Comfort Posture Corrector Brace – Posture & Back Braces continue to grow in popularity and use. Probably because if you suffer from chronic back pain as I do, putting on a back or posture brace can be a quick fix. It can ease your pain, and at the same time allow you to do physical… Read More »Comfort Posture Corrector Brace

Posture Brace

Comfort Posture Corrector Brace

FLA Soft Form Posture Control Brace Posture Brace – The FLA Soft Form Posture Control Brace is designed to correct poor posture by gently pulling your shoulders back then holding them in the correct position. There are elastic side panels that provide support by using compression to stabilize your abdominal and lumbar regions to improve… Read More »Comfort Posture Corrector Brace

A lady wears a Back Support Belt

Back Support Belt Review

Back Support Belt Review – I am just one of the 10% of the world’s population that deal with back pain, day in and day out. I have been plagued by Chronic Back Pain for years. Through those years, I have used an array of back-related treatments, therapies, and procedures. If there is a treatment… Read More »Back Support Belt Review

There is a man with his back to you. He is putting on a Back Support Belt.

Back Support Belt Review

Easy Instructions for Use Using DR-HO’S® Pain Therapy Back Relief Belt is very easy to use and you can benefit from it while you are out during the day or in the comfort of your home.  The following is what it takes to be pain-free using the DR-HO’S® Pain Therapy Back Relief Belt: The gel… Read More »Back Support Belt Review