Upper Back Pain

Full Body Massage Chair

Real Relax Favor-04 | Budget Friendly

Real Relax Favor-04 ( Move to Video & Price ) Surprisingly the Favor-04 is cheaper than the Favor-03. Usually when you see this type of product the higher the number the more expensive but not in this case.  So, you might be thinking? What happened to Favor-02? Well. that one was discontinued. The Real Relax… Read More »Real Relax Favor-04 | Budget Friendly

There is a man with his back to you. He is putting on a Back Support Belt.

Back Support Belt Review

Easy Instructions for Use Using DR-HO’S® Pain Therapy Back Relief Belt is very easy to use and you can benefit from it while you are out during the day or in the comfort of your home.  The following is what it takes to be pain-free using the DR-HO’S® Pain Therapy Back Relief Belt: The gel… Read More »Back Support Belt Review

A Lady has a Pain Relief Patch on the back of her shoulder.

Hot and Cold Pain Relief Patches

Hot and Cold Pain Relief Patches – I have been stricken with chronic back pain for years and still do to this day. I have a long list of back-related treatments, therapies and procedures I have had done throughout the years. Plus, several back pain relief products I have used. I have used most of… Read More »Hot and Cold Pain Relief Patches