Teeter EP-970 | An Inversion Table Masterpiece

Teeter EP 970 Inversion Table

Teeter EP-970 EZ Reach Handle

The Teeter EP-970 EZ Reach Handle is a locking/release handle that is nice and long. This comes in very handy if you suffer from chronic back pain as I do. This feature is simple yet a must-have, no matter if you have back problems or not. I have had three back surgeries and numerous other treatments and procedures performed on my back.

I do stretching and have a regular exercise routine. That’s despite still being in some form of pain. But you have too, especially if you are someone with back problems.  Trust me, being a couch potato will only make everything worse. 

The Teeter EP-970 model makes it possible to firmly and securely lock yourself in place.  There is nothing worse than hanging upside down, then your head ends up being a floor dart. Believe me, you do not want to experience that. When you are finished, the handle can be easily accessed with a little bending.

Height Adjustment

The Teeter EP-970 can handle users who are up to 6’6” tall. Having this flexibility when it comes to taller people is not an option you see all the time with inversion tables. If you happen to be tall, this inversion table is for you.  

You can easily adjust the user height by using the markings on the main shaft of the table.  It’s a matter of you unlocking the shaft, and then it slides out from behind the backrest. Since those markings will correspond to your height, it’s a matter of picking the right mark for you.

Teeter Acupressure Nodes

Teeter EP-970 Acupressure Nodes

Another feature you can add to your inversion workout is the Teeter Acupressure Nodes to target those pressure-point areas to bring you additional relief. These are great for helping to get rid of any tension, increase your circulation, soothing your muscle soreness, and discomfort.

To maintain steady pressure with the nodes, hold in place for a moment while you are inclining. Another option is to rock up and down moving the pressure and positioning over the nodes. This will simulate a shiatsu-style massage.

The Teeter KP-970 bed comes with a grooved design for allowing you to alter the placement of the nodes anywhere you need along your back to target tense muscles. There are 4 sets of 2 nodes that range in heights. They come in the colors of green, orange, yellow, and red. This enables you to designate different pressure-point depth.

Teeter EP-970 Video


Drawing of a hand snapping fingers.

When it comes to assembling the Teeter EP-970 inversion table it’s fairly easy. This is coming from someone who doesn’t like putting things together. Out of the box, this inversion table comes mostly assembled. 

It’s a good idea when you are putting this together to have someone helping you. It really makes the process go even faster.  Some of the parts are heavy and are awkward to hold too.  

It’s a good idea to build the table in the room where you are going to be using it.  This inversion table does weigh 65 pounds and is not easy to move.  You also have the option to pay to get it assembled and I have opted for that more than once.

Storing the Teeter EP-970

One you have assembled this table they really are not easy to store if you need to after every use.  That’s why I recommend setting it up in a room where you can use it and then leave it sitting there.  You can fold the table but it will not lay completely flat. If space is an issue, you can fold it up and then lean it against a wall.


  • Comes with the extended handle for secure lock/releaseComes with the extended handle for secure lock/release
  • Well-built with a firm base 
  • The tether strap inversion angle adjustment
  • Teeters backrest that’s specifically designed to move with you
  • It’s fairly easy to assemble


  • It does more than other inversion tables
  • Not easy to move around because of its weight.

Product Details

  • Product: Teeter EP-970 LTD Inversion Table
  • Rating: 95 out of 100
  • Company: Teeter
  • Dimensions: (assembled) 28.8” W x 60” L x 58.5” H (Folded) 28.8” W x 20” L x 66” H
  • Product weight: 65 pounds
  • User height: Up to 6’6”
  • User weight limit: 300 pounds

   Final Thoughts

The Teeter EP-970 inversion table will not let you down. This is one product I can honestly say it will last you for a very long time. There are very few inversion tables out on the market today that I could say will last.  

There is really a lot of poorly made inversion tables currently being sold.  I have experienced them for myself and theTeeter EP-970 inversion Table is definitely not one of those.  It’s a solid well-built inversion table that will last you for years to come!

Looking to save some money? Take a look at the Teeter EP-560 because it offer the same quality at a cheaper price.

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