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The Teeter EP-970 is an inversion table like no other. In this review, I will give you a look at the many features of why this inversion table from Teeter is one the best on the market. Some people will use inversion tables like this one as part of their workout routine. However, if you are like me and deal with chronic back pain, day in and day out, this product can do wonders.  

In fact, inversion therapy began when Hippocrates was the first person to use inversion therapy back in 400 BC. The Teeter EP-970 is definitely a much nicer way of inverting compared to the old school way.  Hippocrates would have people hanging upside down on a ladder with a rope tied around their ankles. That rope was fed up through a pulley system with one person on each side holding an end of the rope. I go into this little more with my Teeter EP-560 Review

Which Would You Prefer?

Low angle view of a young man hanging from a ladder.
Hanging upside down on a ladder
Lady inverting using the Teeter Ep-970 Inversion table.
The Teeter EP-970

The founder Teeter, Roger Teeter has been in the inversion table business since the early eighties, and from there he quickly catapulted the Teeter business as a leader in the industry and still is today.  

I can attest from my own experience using a Teeter inversion table that it’s not what you would expect.   Meaning, how I thought it was going to feel, and how it actually felt. The two could not be more contrasting.  Those of you who own or have a used Teeter Hang Up product know what I am talking about. 

Are you suffering from chronic or occasional back pain and feeling very uncomfortable knowing that you may need back surgery? Does your stomach feel like it’s about to implode from all those muscle relaxers and pain meds?  Well, an inversion table could be the answer to your madness?

The best part of having inversion therapy from an inversion table like the from the Teeter EP-970 is it’s a healthy way to help curb back pain.  Inversion therapy is not for everyone. You should always consult with your doctor prior to using an inversion table.

Why? Because it’s not recommended if you have health conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease.  Now that does not necessarily mean you can not use an inversion table if you have those conditions. But it does mean that if you do, you need to check with your doctor or health professional first.

Teeter EP-970 Design & Construction

The Teeter EP-970 is constructed with quality steel. Having a solid base will give you security while you are using the table.  When you are tipped with your head down and your feet up in the air, the last thing you need to worry about is it tipping over if you have to move in the wrong direction.

That is something that can happen with the more cheaply made inversion tables.  I have had it happen to me before with a brand I will not mention. But I am happy to say they have made improvements to their base in recent years. 

The feature on the base of the frame that I like to use is the built-in grip that you can grab onto for a nice long stretch.  When I first started using my inversion table I didn’t use the built-in grip.  But once I discovered it, it became an integral part of my workout routine. 


Teeter EP-970 Backrest

In addition, the backrest has built-in acupressure nodes for providing extra relief for those tight muscles and knots.  The nodes can be placed on your back wherever you need them the most.

It also has lumbar support that is removable. This provides support for your lower back.  Having the bed flex with your movements along with having the acupressure nodes, are just a couple of the many features that set the Teeter EP-970 apart from the rest.

Ankle Lock System

Teeter Ankle Lock System

When it comes to holding down your ankles you want something safe and secure. A feature of the Teeter EP-970 that stands out I think for most people is the ankle locking system. This is what keeps you on the table and off of your head. You can rest assure you will feel comfortable and secure when you are inverting with this table. When you think about it, this is the bread and butter of the inversion table. 

The ankle locking system is a combination of the ankle cushions,  foot-bed, ankle locking, and release handle. 

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This is how it works:

First, you step onto the footbed when entering the inversion table. The footbad for the Teeter EP-970 Teeter comes with a low and high position.  This allows you to make adjustments because you want to make sure you get the bottom of the ankle cushions as close to the top of your foot.  This will allow the rest of the ankle cushions to go up over your ankles.  Then you will be safe, secure and comfortable. 

You can easily rotate the footbed to lower or raise it, to make it work best for you. This feature is not seen on many inversion tables. When you have been on as many inversion tables as I have, trust me, these little features really make the difference. 

There are a lot of different ankle cushions that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The cushions on the Teeter EP-970 are molded to fit snug and securely around the back and front of your lower leg.  They are very firm fitting but comfortable and will provide you with great support. The cushions it comes with can be adjusted up and down along with moving them slightly from side to side. This makes for excellent support on your ankles, yet comfortable.

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