Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table Review

A lady is inverting using the Teeter LX9.

Teeter continues to set the standard in inversion tables and back pain relief. The Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table is their top model in the FitSpine series. This inversion table comes with all the bells and whistles to help you relax and relieve your back pain. 

Again, this Teeter product along with their others are focused on back pain sufferers, be it chronic or occasional back pain. When your back is hurting the EZ-Reach Ankle Lock comes with an extended handle to help you out. It will keep you from needing to bend when you are securing your ankles. 

There are Traction Handles along with extra-long Stretch Max Handles that provide added decompression options. It also comes with their EZ-Angle Tether to conveniently be able to pre-set your inversion angle to either 20, 40, and 60 degrees.

The Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table is registered with the FDA as a 510(k) medical device and is certified by the UL which is short for Underwriter’s Laboratories. It’s well known that there have been some competing companies in the industry who claim their products have been certified by the Underwriter’s Laboratories. However, be warned. The UL mark does not mean a thing unless it is distinctly marked on the actual product. 

Some manufacturers have been able to test their inversion tables to meet the UL standards for obtaining the certification. Then will immediately remove the mark from their products. This allows them the fortuity to embark on shady procedures for cutting costs. Such as using low-quality supplies and materials, creating a false sense of a quality product. Then claim that the product is UL certified. The unfortunate reality is this happens more often than you would think.

The Teeter LX9 along with their other inversion tables are designated for relieving back pain along with spinal stenosis, sciatica, spasms, muscle tension, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, and more. What sets the Teeter LX9 apart from the others is its exclusive ergonomic design and functionality. This consists of an arched base with a broad platform making getting on and off this table super easy.

An 8-point floating suspension system supports Teeter’s innovative FlexTech Bed. The bed flexes as you move to give you the best decompressive stretch possible. There are tracks on the table bed along with a Lumbar Bridge. In addition, Acupressure Nodes for delivering pin-point accurate traction and pressure-point relief.

Is the Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table for You?

A African American man with glasses and flannel shirt looks up in question? Is the Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table.

This inversion table is especially a good match for people who suffer from chronic back pain. This could be due to things like a herniated disc and degenerative disc disease which is something I have. Degenerative Disc Disease is when one or more of your discs between your vertebrae of the spinal column will deteriorate or break down, that can often lead to pain. 

With some people, the disc degeneration will lead to instability with the spine. A condition in which your spine can no longer handle your body’s weight or perform your normal day to day functions without experiencing disabling pain. 

The Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table makes optimal usage of gravity along with your body weight to release pain. The pain could be from herniated discs, back muscles, sciatica, and more. The Teeter inversion table is specifically designed to target your backs issues and provide relief.

As we know, working out tension and stress can produce very sore and aching muscles. However, your body’s muscles can sometimes remain partially contracted for periods of time. This will most likely cause pain. 

To counteract this, the Teeter LX9 FitSpine will stretch out those muscles, release any tension and stress to ultimately take away your pain. For years now, inversion therapy has continued to play a vital role in releasing stress from the paraspinal muscles, making the body feel almost weightless and pain-free.

Osteoarthritis and Its Effects

A lady holds her back in pain as she attempts to walk up some stairs.

The #1 most common type of arthritis is Osteoarthritis. It impacts all different kinds of people around the world. In the US alone, just over 32 million people are currently being afflicted by Osteoarthritis. Over the years it has also taken on the label of “The Wear and Tear Arthritis”. Osteoarthritis is when the cartilage between your bones breaks down.

This will cause your joints to hurt and can be extremely painful in some cases. In addition, there will be swelling making those joints difficult to move. 

This disease can happen in any joint but mostly occurs in the neck, lower back, hands, knees, and hips. Anyone can experience Osteoarthritis but it usually does not affect people until they are in their 50s and women are usually more affected than men. It is slow moving and gradually gets worse over time. 

There are various different ways to effectively deal with Osteoarthritis. One of the ways is by using Inversion Therapy.

FDA Certified

Badge for a FDA Cleared Class 1 Medical Device.

Teeter Inversion Tables are the only inversion tables out on the market today that have got the “Green Light” from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). What I mean by “Green Light” is the FDA has cleared the Teeter® Inversion Tables to market them as medical devices. 

In 2016, the FDA expanded the list of conditions that Teeter Inversion Tables are cleared for use. The list now consists of  degenerative disc disease, spinal degenerative joint disease, back pain, muscle tension, spinal stenosis, herniated disc,  facet syndrome, spinal curvature from tight muscles, sciatica, and  muscle spasm.

The fact that the  FDA found that the teeter inversion table could be used to treat multiple conditions is very telling.  For years inversion therapy has been looked at as alternative medicine that has a holistic approach. 

Inversion therapy is not for everyone and there are some conditions that may prevent you from being able to have inversion therapy. This is why it’s very important to see your doctor or a medical professional before you consider buying an inversion table or. 

Glaucoma. heart disease and high blood pressure are three conditions that may prevent you from having inversion therapy. Having those conditions does not necessarily mean you can not have inversion therapy but you must consult with your doctor first. 

Research has shown that inversion therapy via an inversion table like the Teeter LX9, can help reduce pain, restore the space between vertebrae back to normal, and reduce the need to go under the knife (surgery).

The Magic of Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy is the process of decompressing your spine. Back pain does not always come from a single source. What’s great about inversion therapy is it has the ability to work on multiple pain sources all at the same time.

For instance, you may have pain from a bulging disc and joint pain. Decompression can reduce muscle spasms and the pain associated with that.

When you are inverting, like you would do with the Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table. It can ease any pressure on weight-bearing joints and allow them to begin the recuperating processing.

Inversion therapy reverses the earth’s gravitational pull and relieves the pressure off the nerves and discs in the spine.  It uses gravity and body weight to help stretch and lengthen the spinal column, decreasing overall pressure in the spinal discs. Ideally, it reverses the negative effects that gravity can have on the body. This, in turn, increases the space between the vertebrae.  Less pressure in the discs means less pain.  It also can help in increased flexibility and joint movement. 

Graphic of a man sitting bent over with a purple light showing a see through body highlighting his spine.

Inversion therapy is the stretching of the spine and more commonly referred to as spinal traction.  Traction therapy has been used to treat lower back pain for several decades.

There have been multiple studies evaluating spinal traction and they found the technique ineffective for long-term pain relief. However, several people in the studies have found that it is helpful as a part of a series of treatments for lower back pain caused by spinal disk compression.

I have used inversion therapy/spinal traction. It gave me pain relief but like the studies have shown, the relief is only temporary. But when you use inversion therapy on a frequent basis, it can curb your back pain. For some people, they become pain-free.

The Teeter FitSpine LX9 will definitely get the job done when it comes to chronic or occasional back-related aches, pain, and other health benefits.


The design of the Teeter LX9 makes it the most versatile FitSpine model. Hands down, it is the best overall inversion table out on the market. The frame of this model is built with 11-gauge high carbon heat-treated steel. This table is less prone to stress and breakage due to the high carbon steel. The Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table can take repetitive use day in and day out. It will not fall apart or literally leave you on your head. It is strong and will hold anything under 300 lbs.

Teeter LX9 Inversion table.

I have owned and used many inversion tables over the years. I can tell the difference between the cheap poorly made inversion tables versus the quality made tables pretty quickly.  Providing the floor is level, an inversion table should never wobble or make squeaking sounds when you are using it. Unfortunately, there are inversion tables being sold all the time that are of poor quality and not built very well.

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