Teeter FitSpine X2 Inversion Table

Teeter Fitspine X2 Inversion Table

Benefits of Using a Teeter FitSpine X2 Inversion Table

The Benefits inverting your body as you would with the Teeter FitSpine X2 Inversion Table. It’s actually a natural therapeutic process that’s been used for many centuries now. It’s used for strength-building, pain-relief, stretching and more. There are many physical therapists and physiotherapists who recommend inversion therapy.  Many people who have used inversion therapy will attest to the relief you will get from it. Along with how much it has improved their everyday lives.

If you are suffering from back problems like I do and would like to know more about inversion tables before purchasing one? Keep reading my friend… You can benefit tremendously from regular inversion therapy and I touch on some of those perks below.

What Exactly is Inversion Therapy?

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Having inversion therapy like you would with a Teeter FitePine X2 Inversion Table is a technique that turns the body downward for a series of minutes. The amount of time depends on what works best for you. But you must always start out slow and use the least amount of time. Inversion therapy works by using gravity along with your own bodyweight to help stretch your spine. This, in turn, alleviates pressure on any of your compressed discs. 

Inversion therapy is often performed using an inversion or some form of traction table, for allowing a user to first secure themselves and then adjust the angle they want the table to tilt. From there, you can stay in that inverted position as long as you want. That time is usually no more than 15 minutes but that can also depend on the angle you are inverted at.

Inversion therapy is used by some chiropractors, physiotherapists or physical therapists. However, you can benefit from regular ongoing inversion therapy right in your home. No need to make appointments and you can invert whenever you want! Inversion tables like the Teeter FitSpine X2 Inversion Table have paved the way for home use. 

How Inversion Therapy Can Help You?

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Inversion therapy like with the Teeter FitSpine X2 Inversion Table is a way for someone to counter gravity and its effects it has on their body. What happens is gravity pulls our organs, joints, and muscles downward. As a result, this compresses them against our spine. Over time, this gravitational pull can cause compression resulting in chronic back pain, and other related symptoms. 

Many cases of chronic back or lumbar pain, often can not be narrowed down to one specific cause. However, spinal compression is often a contributing factor. In today’s world, most people are too stagnant. This means sitting for long periods of time without enough mobility to reduce the stillness. Inversion therapy along with other approaches are a way to aid in counteracting the effects of stagnant life by advocating movement and circulation.

Inversion therapy does alleviate the pressure from the spine which causes the space between vertebrae to increase. As a result, it’s looked at as a holistic approach for pain relief. 

The following conditions are what inversion tables like the Teeter FitSpine X2 Inversion Table are often used for:

  • Chronic low back pain
  • Sciatica pain
  • Non-specific back pain (actual pain source can not be determined)
  • Muscle Tension
  • Degenerative Disc Disease

How an Inversion Table Can Benefit You?

The people who use inversion tables continue to talk about how it adds health benefits to their lives. Inversion tables are made to aid in stretching and releasing tension from the muscles surrounding your spine. Inversion therapy does provide benefits other than pain-relief like improving blood circulation, increasing flexibility and reducing stress.

Improves Your Spine Health

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One of the main reasons for experiencing back pain is because of the improper alignment of the spine. To add to it, not many of us stick to a neutral posture consistently throughout our day. That adds stress to your spine when it’s constantly in compromising positions.

A massage therapist through various massage techniques can manipulate the spine to help people relieve compression on their spine. This can lead to better spine health over time. Like massage therapy, inversion therapy has a similar approach by inverting the body downward. This allows for the careful stretching to reverse gravity’s pull.

Reduce or Eliminate the Need for Pain Meds

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There are many people around the globe who live with chronic back pain. Many of them rely on prescription and non-prescription medication (Tylenol/Advil) for pain relief. I, unfortunately, am one of them. 

I know from my personal experiences with inversion therapy that it can definitely reduce your pain. Again, everyone’s situation is different. Where it helped me reduce my back pain, for others it may completely eliminate their pain. I am referring to people I know who use an inversion table on a regular basis. The best part of it is it’s all-natural.

Prevent Going Under the Knife

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Using Holistic wellness along with natural pain management approaches like inversion therapy is very important for those of us who may be facing surgery. This is for such cases as lumbar pain or sciatica.

If you make lifestyle changes now for protecting your spine health, you could be preventing further damage and I’m a good example of that. I have multiple issues going on when it comes to my chronic back pain. However, what if I would have made the effort years ago to use better lifting techniques?

I was a DJ for 23 years and I used to lift heavy equipment several times a week. I would have still had back problems because of an accident and degenerative disc disease. But my back problems might not have been as severe as they ended up being? I have had 3 back surgeries and endured several therapies and procedures over the years. 

It is possible to take preventative measures to reduce further damage that eventually could require surgical intervention. Inversion therapy could be a solution for those who would otherwise need to go under the knife (surgery).

Inversion Therapy at Home

If you’re interested in having inversion therapy at home, then the Teeter FitSpine X2 Inversion Table would be a good investment. Inversion tables are very safe but there are some things you need to be aware of before considering purchasing one. First of all, you should always consult with a medical professional or your doctor before using an inversion table. 

Inversion therapy requires that your head is below the heart.  Generally, people who have heart disease, high blood pressure, and glaucoma should not use an inversion table. Again, everyone is different but you should always check with a medical professional first.  Especially if you have any medical problems before using an inversion table. 

Being able to have inversion therapy in your home is not only convenient but will save you a lot of money in the long run!

Do you want to get an Inversion Table but are on a super tight budget?

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