Teeter Freestep Review for Healthier You

Teeter FreeStep

Assembly of the FreeStep

Assembling the FreeStep is fairly easy and clear. The instructions come with large and easy to follow illustrations at every step of the assembly process. The main tools you will need are the small Allen wrench and screwdriver which are included. 

Weight Handling

You always want to make sure you check a machine’s weight capacity before buying it. You want to ensure you are safe to use it. You know the more weight it can take the stronger and usually better built it will be. 

The Teeter FreeStep comes with a 300 lb weight limit. That is plenty enough to accommodate the average user. This will give you peace of mind knowing that the design and materials used will be strong and durable.

Limited Warranty

It comes with a 1-year warranty on the frame. There is a 90-day warranty on the base and the moving parts.

Products that are made of lesser quality “budget machines”. They will usually come with shorter warranties like the typical 30-day warranty. But there are reasons why those machines cost less. For starters, the cheaper the price usually means it was made from cheaper materials.


  • The compact size makes it easy to fit in most rooms of your home.
  • Affordable price but they also have great financing which you will see on check out.
  • Low impact linear pedal motion to make it easier on your joints and back.
  • Adjustable seat to find that perfect setting.
  • The magnetic resistance is very quiet.
  • Adjustable handles for upper body motion.
  • Easy to move with its built-in transport wheels.


  • The warranty could be better in my opinion. However, the track record for Teeter is top-notch when it comes to their products not breaking down.

My Thoughts

Recumbent cross trainers like the FeeStep are a great way to get a low impact workout. Again, if you have arthritis and achy joints that give you a lot of pain? You can use the FreeStep safely. Recumbent cross trainers have become a popular workout option for seniors because of its low impact.

The Teeter FreeStep is a very affordable recumbent cross-trainer. Plus, you have the finance option if needed. I know that for most recumbent cross trainers you will easily spend thousands for one of these machines. The FreeStep is not one of those, costing much less!

Teeter FreeStep Review Video

I wanted to show you something that is comparable in this Teeter FreeStep Review. I wanted something that I have used but also something that costs less than the Teeter FreeStep so you could see the difference. cost but I could not find anything that is a true recumbent cross-trainer. But below I listed the ProForm Hybrid Trainer

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

( Go to Price & Video )

Man sits using thew ProForm Hybrid Trainer.

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is what is considered as an entry-level fitness machine for your entire body. The bike workouts are done in a semi-reclined position. Which is similar to the FreeStep. It also comes with good lumbar support, or you have the option to stand up to perform elliptical training. The console can easily be adjusted for each purpose.

If you have problems with your lower back like I do the elliptical might not be of much use for you. I know I can not use it even though its low impact. Again, everyone is different, it may work out for you.

This machine will work your arms, core muscles and legs without putting any harmful impact on your body. The ProForm Hybrid Trainer covers all fitness levels and supports efficient cardio workouts. 

It comes with an advanced console that offers an integrated tablet holder for accessing iFit for more advanced workouts. iFit has plans starting at $15.00 and you get a discount if you pay for the year.

This ProForm Hybrid Trainer is developed for people who want to speed up their metabolism, tone up and get a cardio workout.


Image shows a man using the ProForm Hybrid Trainer .

Full-Body Design: This machine has a two-in-one aspect to it. It can work at toning your arms, core, and legs. At the same time, it only takes up just over 5 feet x 2 feet of space on the floor.

The iFit Bluetooth Smart Enabled Console: This is a new feature that was introduced with the 2016 model. If you have an iFit subscription, you can access a workout library that contains unlimited workouts. It also includes exclusive workouts that are created by TV trainers Chris and Heidi Powell. Monthly subscriptions start at $15.00.

Tablet Holder: Like the FreeStep, it does come with a tablet holder for keeping your device in place. This works great for streaming music, accessing social media or to watch fitness apps while you are working out.

Preset Workouts Ready to Go: There are sixteen preset workouts that will help you set goals for that calorie burn.

Data for Workout: It has a battery-powered monitor that provides you with feedback about your time and speed. There is also a watts power meter to help you know your pacing.

Comfortable Seat? This hybrid trainer is said to have a comfortable seat. Personally, I have never spent much time with this machine. I managed to sit down on the seat for a few minutes and was not impressed. Keep in mind, I am very picky when it comes to seats. I know will work or not right away.

This does not mean it will not work for you… The seat is adjustable and comes with a ventilated back for airflow. It includes side handlebars for extra stability, which is a nice feature to have. 

Adjustable Pedals: It has adjustable pedals that are well cushioned adding extra comfort.

Audio: The ProForm Hybrid Trainer comes with an iPod-compatible port, along with an Intermix Acoustics 2.0 speaker system.

Bottle Holder: There is a drink holder attached to its elliptical frame for holding a bottle.

Quiet Operation: TheProForm Hybrid Trainer is built with magnetic resistance which makes operating the recumbent bike and elliptical super quiet when they are in action.

Mobile Wheels: This trainer has built-in wheels attached to the frame for easy mobility.

No Electricity Needed: Since the data console is battery powered, there is no need for electricity. No power cables to worry about.

Weight Capacity: This machine can handle up to 350 pounds.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Dimensions

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is not a high-end machine like the FreeStep. However, some people are very happy with it. Here are some of the potential things you might come up against.

Assembly: If you are not good at assembling things you might want to get some help? Then again, I do not like nor am I good at putting things together like this.

Very Light Flywheel:  The ProForm Hybrid Trainer has one of the lightest flywheels for these types of products out on the market. A heavier flywheel will produce smoother motion.

Heart Rate Monitor: This machine has a heart rate monitor built into it. But it is not comparable to the medical-grade pulse monitors you get with higher-end machines.

Defective Units: Since the ProForm Hybrid Trainer is considered a lower end fitness machine. I know some customers have reported that parts were missing and it took a while to get replacement parts.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Video


If you find the Teeter FreeStep and ProForm Hybrid Trainer are not for you? Check out these other Low Back Pain Relief Products.

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