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FreeStep Recumbent Bike for Exercising

Teeter Freestep Reviews for Good Health – Dealing with my chronic back pain, I make it a point to always be mobile. Regardless if you are suffering from chronic back pain or not. Maintaining some form of mobility is essential for living a healthier lifestyle. 

I recently started using my recumbent bike again. From time to time, I will switch up my exercise routine. After a while, I always need to change up my exercise routine because it does not have the same impact as it did. I am only referring to the back pain relief aspect of it. So, I switch to something else.

I really like using the recumbent bike because it’s much easier on my back than the usual stationary bike.  If you suffer from back pain and in particular lower back pain? A recumbent bike is a great way to strengthen your back and ease your pain.  

A study conducted by the Colorado Center for Health & Sport Science used state-of-the-art equipment for measuring metabolism in the body. In the study, they compared the FreeStep with a Recumbent Bike. It was found that the difference in energy expenditure to be very significant.

In their study, they had subjects using a recumbent bike and the Teeter FreeStep.  When applying the same level of effort, the study showed the Teeter FreeStep burned 17.4% more calories per hour than the recumbent bike. Sure, I am always looking for back pain relief when exercising. But the other health benefits you get as well really make spending time, all the more worth it.

I recently had the chance to spend some time using the Teeter FreeStep. It was very impressive, to say the least.  The FreeStep is very smooth and felt great on my lower back. That’s even after using it for a while (over 20 minutes). My lower back is where I have my back problems.  It felt so good, I am going to buy one!

To me, it is the “Cadillac” of recumbent bikes. After I made up my mind that I was going to buy a FreeStep, I knew I had to write a review from my experience.

The Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer is a cost-effective fitness machine that provides a low-impact workout. It is quickly becoming one of the more popular pieces of recumbent machines out on the market.

Recumbent Cross Trainers

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This image shows the Teeter FreeStep from my Teeter Freestep Reviews blog post.

As I stated, the Teeter FreeStep is a smooth and comfortable fitness machine. When using the Teeter FreeStep you are sitting in the recumbent position. Your back is well supported, just like it would be on any recumbent bike. That is key along with the reclining position to take the pressure off your back. 

The difference with FreeStep as compared to a regular recumbent bike is the pedals. The recumbent bike has your legs rotating in a circular motion. With the FreeStep, your legs move in a more linear, back and forth motion. It is very similar to a stepper if you have ever used one of those?  

To give you more of a full-body workout it includes handles to move your arms back and forth. Similar to an elliptical, this type of exercise movement is low impact. Because you are seated, it is even more low impact than the elliptical.

These machines have become very popular in therapy and rehab clinics. They provide cardio and strengthening exercises comfortable and are completely safe to do. If you have arthritis and achy joints, you will be able to use the FreeStep pretty comfortably.

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer

 A lady is using the Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer Exercise Equipment.

The Teeter company was created by Roger Teeter who is an engineer. When he began he started designing inversion tables. That was after he discovered for himself the pain-relieving benefits you could get from inversion therapy. He still works on inversion tables and other products for improving spine health.

The Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer is part of the Teeter stabilization series. It’s a group of products that are specifically designed for strengthening muscles. This is an attempt to avoid injury, keep you fit, and active.

The Teeter FreeStep dimensions are 54″ L x 38″ W and the weight is about 110 lb fully assembled. Yes, that may seem heavy but you are getting a top-notch commercial-grade quality machine.  

The Seat

Teeter FreeStep Seat

One feature I really liked with the Teeter FreeStep is it comes with an adjustable seat. It gives you the ability to adjust the height and reclining positions independently. For someone like myself who has chronic back pain, having this feature gives you more control to find that comfortable position.

No matter what kind of seat I am in, I am always moving around trying to find a comfortable position. When I do, I can only stay in that position for so long before having to move around again to find another comfortable spot.

I was a little surprised that I couldn’t adjust the horizontal and vertical positions independently of the seat. There is only one height adjustment available. However, if you look at the angle of the seat post, it’s not totally vertical. What this means is you are increasing or decreasing the horizontal position every time you adjust the seat position. That’s really not that big of a deal, it just takes a little bit to get used to it.

You may like a softer seat but I thought it was great. I have used softer seats in the past and to be totally honest my butt kept falling asleep. The seat made for the FreeStep is a lot larger than most exercise bike seats.

The Teeter FreeStep can comfortably seat anyone that is between 4 ’11’ ‘ and  6’6″ tall. I was happy to see such a large range. Unless you are at a gym or getting physical therapy at a clinic. You will not see these ranges very often in products made for home use. 

Pedal Motion

Most recumbent cross trainers will have either circular or linear pedal motion. They will traditionally have more linear pedals which are more comfortable. This especially applies if you have arthritis in your hips or knees. I also think it helps if you have back problems. At least from my experience. 

The Teeter FreeStep uses linear pedal motion. By using the linear pedals, it will not put a lot less stress on your lower body joints. 

The pedals are large making them comfortable for fitting any size shoes. If you watch the video I have put down on the page, you will see that the pedals move back and forth with your ankles as you push. 

FreeStep Features

  • Magnetic Resistance System – The FreeStep has a quiet magnetic resistance system that can easily be adjusted by simply turning a dial near the seat. It’s a great feature but some users have commented that it could use more resistance to offer a more challenging workout. I know when I was using it I felt it had plenty of resistance.  It’s a matter of preference.
  • Easy Adjustable Handles – There are upper body handles that can be adjusted to focus on different muscle groups. For instance, you can concentrate on your triceps or chest muscles.
  • Digital Console for Tracking – This machine has a small, digital console that’s battery operated. This is helpful for tracking different workout stats like the time, calories, speed and distance.
  • Convenient Stand – It comes with a convenient stand that can add to your workouts. The stand works great if you have a device like a phone or a tablet. Just prop it up and carry on a phone conversation, listen to music or watch a movie while you are exercising.
  • Bottle Holder – This comes with a bottle holder for water or anything else you are drinking. Not all of these types of machines will come with this.
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