Varidesk Pro Plus 48 for a Healthy Workflow

Varidesk Pro Plus 48

Varidesk Pro Plus 48 – When it comes to sitting in a chair for any length of time it can potentially cause health problems. Like heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis and more.  

Too much sitting can also cause havoc on your back. When you spend too much time in a seated position it can cause your spine to become stiff, sore and in pain. This happens because sitting puts stress on the muscles and discs of your back and neck. Sitting can cause tightness in your hip flexors and increased pressure. Additionally, it restricts the blood flow of your buttock muscle and gluteus maximus which plays an important part in supporting your spine.

I have been dealing with chronic back pain for over 20 years and still do today. Despite all the treatments, procedures and surgeries I have had. Sitting for any length of time still makes my back hurt.  But standing too long does the same. Having a standing desk really helps me keep a nice balance

Before I get into the details of the Varidesk Pro Plus 48. I want to clear up some confusion that I often hear when it comes to standing desks, standing desk converters and electric standing desks/converters.

The Varidesk Pro Plus 48 is a Standing Desk Converter

Varidesk Pro Plus 48 is a Standing Desk Converter. On the top level is a monitor and laptop. Then on the bottom level is a keyboard and mouse.

A Standing Desk Converter transforms a regular desk into a Standing Desk. The converter sits on top of your desk. Then it can be raised up to either electronically with the push of a button or manually with the help of an adjustable mechanism that I talk about a little further down. The standing desk converter is also called a “Workstation”.

What is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk allows you to work easily and comfortably while you are standing. Other names it’s sometimes referred to as is a free-standing desk, stand-up desks or standing workstations.  A standing desk can be raised up.

There are a couple of reasons why being able to stand while working makes the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 a must-have addition to your office space.  It will be better for your health and your workflow will not be disrupted when using the standing desk. This means that you will not lose any of the features that you get from a sitting desk.

More importantly, you will get the benefit of being able to stand when you need to stretch your legs out.  This is all possible without skipping a beat while you continue to work. Sitting on your bum for hours on end, day after day dramatically increases your chances of developing health problems.

A man stands in in a polo shirt and jeans. He rests his chin on one hand with a questioning look on his face as he looks up.

What is an Electric Standing Desk?

An Electric Stand Desk is a standing-desk that will adjust with the touch of a button.  There are electric standing desks and then there are electric standing desk converters. Just like I mentioned above, the converters sit on top of your desk.  The electric standing desk is an entire desk that can be raised up with the push of a button.

Adjustment Mechanisms

The adjustment mechanism is what makes a standing desk or a standing desk converter go up and down. 

A standing desk that has a manually adjustable mechanism will have either a crank, counterbalance, spring-loaded, or gas-strut mechanism. Manual meaning it will require some help on your part to raise up the desk. The crank is the most popular. Standing desks with a manually adjustable mechanism are the cheapest. 

The electric mechanism requires the least amount of effort on your part. You simply need to push a button to get the desk to raise up. These types of standing desks are the most expensive.

Unhealthy Sedentary Lifestyle

There are three light bulbs. In each light bulb is a person with a computer on their lap. Two of them are hunched over look uncomfortable.

In recent studies from the United States, Australia, and Canada. It has been confirmed that you can be a couch potato, and watch TV all day without potential health problems as a result. That’s only if it’s broken up. That means getting up off your bum moving around multiple times throughout the day.

Additionally, they describe in these studies the relationships of passive demeanors with early mortality. What I thought was interesting in their study is an adult can consistently workout meeting the public-health guidelines for physical activity. However, if they sit for long periods of time, their metabolic health will still be compromised. 

For instance, let’s say you work out for 30 minutes, 5 out of 7 days a week. On the weekend you decide to binge-watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and maybe even dig into the Indian Jones collection? All that exercising you did during those 5 days will not make a bit of a difference if you sit and watch the TV for hours on the other 2 days. 

You still need to get up and move around. If you plan on sitting for 8 hours, you want to get up at least 3 to 4 times during that time window. Stand up and let the blood in your legs get flowing again. I will sometimes go for a short 5 to 10-minute walk. I might do some vacuuming or cleaning around the house. Sometimes I will stand there for a few minutes while watching TV. The key is to make sure you stand up.

This image shows a graphic of a man sitting at a desk with his hands on a keyboard. There is another graphic of the man standing. In text around him it points out what sitting to long can do to different parts of your bodt.

The great thing about the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 is if you have been working for hours but you know you need to stretch your legs.  Simply lift the desk from your sitting position to a standing position and you can keep on working if you want. The spring-loaded boost mechanism makes switching to a standing position a breeze.

The Varidesk Pro Plus 48 is great if you have a deadline you need to meet and know you have to keep on working.

Varidesk Pro Plus 48

The Varidesk Pro Plus 48 can transform any desk into a standing desk. It is a converter that requires no assembly and is super easy to use. The best part by using the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 is it makes for a healthy workflow.

Varidesk the Kings of Standing Desks

Varidesk is referred to as the king od standing desks.

Varidesk is the king of standing desks and has a long product line of standing desks for use to choose from. The  Varidesk Pro Plus 48 is one of the top standing desks out on the market today. 

One of the reasons why this standing desk is popular is that it has about 4 feet of the working surface. The actual desk can handle 45 pounds, which is plenty strong enough to handle any computer or other devices.

The keyboard deck will lift up along with the desk, at the same time, you can switch the entire setup from your sitting position to standing in a matter of seconds. This desk can be adjusted for several different heights.

Varidesk is a Texas-based company that specializes in producing office furniture and standing desks. They have patented their spring-routed lifting technique, which enables a holding capacity of 45 pounds while altering the height smoothly in just 3 seconds.

Out of the Box Ready

The Varidesk Pro Plus 48 comes fully assembled and is ready-to-use out of the box. It is an adjustable desktop add-on that you place on top of your regular desk. This will instantly convert it into a standing desk. 

Even though this standing desk enables you to stand,  that can get monotonous. The Varidesk Pro Plus allows you to easily make position changes, maintaining mobility all through your entire day. 

The dual handle design and spring-loaded boost mechanism make for smooth transitions when switching back and forth between positions. 

This shows the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 and all 11 levels it can go too.

The 48” working area provided by the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 has been divided into 2 tiers. The higher tier is for visual devices like monitors and the lower tier is for input devices like a keyboard and mouse. It comes with a total of 11  height adjustment options, complemented by stability, and is visually appealing. The Varidesk Pro Plus 48 has acquired many rave reviews and is the #1 seller.

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